Poseidon Undersea Resort- Best Underwater hotel in Fiji 2023

Poseidon Undersea Resort Activities

Poseidon Undersea Resort is a luxury underwater hotel in Fiji, located 40 feet under the sea, off the shore of Katafinga Island, a private island in northeastern Fiji.

Who is behind Poseidon Undersea Resort?

Conceptualized by Mr. L. Bruce Jones, the president of US Submarines, Inc, this stunningly beautiful underwater resort complex dubs itself the “world’s first seafloor resort.”

What luxuries are there in Poseidon Undersea Resort?

The lavish hotel, which is accessible by diving or by descending via an elevator, boasts of 25 underwater suites, each resembling pods or submarines; onshore and offshore restaurants, bars, and spas, with one of the undersea restaurants having a seating capacity of 100; a golf course; a fitness center; a conference center; a dive shop; a theater; and, for those who want to make their special day even more memorable, an underwater chapel.

Poseidon Undersea Resort
Poseidon Undersea Resort

How many submarines are there in Poseidon Undersea Resort?

The main selling point of this underwater hotel in Fiji is the chance to spend nights underwater, with a clear and up-close view of colorful marine life. An added bonus is the chance to explore the undersea world by maneuvering a submarine, as the hotel has 4 personal submarines for guests to access.

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How Much does Poseidon Undersea Resort cost in 2023?

Naturally, this being a luxury hotel, nothing comes cheaply at the Poseidon Undersea Resort, as rates start at US$15,000 per head for a 7-day, 6-night stay. Packages for couples start at about US$30,000 for the same duration. Yet because of the hotel’s unique concept, those with cash to spare are more than willing to take what the hotel has to offer, whether it’s to tie the knot, spend a honeymoon, or simply take a vacation in a posh getaway.

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How does Poseidon Undersea Resort look like?

Step into this underwater hotel and you’ll see why it is so highly sought after. Take a walk down the long hallway leading to a room – the hallways resemble those of ships, with the room doors resembling cabin doors. As you enter a room, you’ll notice that it almost looks like a typical luxury hotel room, what with the soft light, large bed, and fine linens.

How does Poseidon Undersea Resort look like?
How does Poseidon Undersea Resort look like?

But instead of having walls, each room has a dome-like structure for guests to see fish and other marine life swimming over and around their room. The domes are made of sturdy plexiglass, which can be made opaque if guests want their privacy. Each room can also be detached and even lifted to the shore, should repairs be necessary.

Is Poseidon Undersea Resort is safe to visit?

Yes, They are claiming to safe as pressure undersea is same as that in land.

What activities you can do in Poseidon Undersea Resort?

With the many facilities enumerated above, guests of this underwater hotel in Fiji will definitely have no shortage of things to do, such as taking a tour around the sea via submarine, scuba diving, or dining and drinking in one of the undersea restaurants and bars, which also have plexiglass walls for guests to enjoy the marine view.

Poseidon Undersea Resort Activities
Poseidon Undersea Resort Activities

Those who want to pamper themselves can avail of the underwater spa’s relaxing treatments while taking in a breathtaking view. And of course, guests can take a look at the dive and souvenir shop, because what better way is there to capture the underwater resort experience than to take home a memory of one’s stay in exotic Fiji?

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Indeed, thanks to the Poseidon Undersea Resort, guests can make the ocean their playground.

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