21 Most Beautiful Islands in The World to Visit in 2023

most beautiful islands in the world

Islands are perfect vacation destinations for the travel-lovers where they can relax beside serene beaches and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the blue ocean. All the islands are beautiful, but there are different criteria to beautify them.

Therefore, people choose some islands over others to get the best accommodation, enjoy the best scenery, and explore the most adventurous activities around the spots.

Here are some of the most beautiful islands in the world that enchant tourists for their sublime beaches, exotic cuisine, rich culture, and comfortable topography. This article will help you to find the next ravishing island destination for your upcoming holidays.

1. Bahamas


From the colonial sites to the beautiful Caribbean beaches, there are countless things to enjoy in the Bahamas. As a result, this island is usually the most common stop for the maximum number of visitors to the archipelago. Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is a vibrant city with a great range of lush restaurants, impressive resort casinos, and unique museums.

You should plan to visit the Bahamas between November and April when you will enjoy the finest weather and the least crowd there. The Tiffany blue waters and the golden beaches are the best tourist attractions for people worldwide.

There are countless Photogenic seas and sandy places. Note that the Bahamas is expensive, but your costs will vary depending on where you take the flight from and what kind of accommodation and activities you want to enjoy.

2. British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are some of the least developed islands in the Caribbean. Still, this pristine island paradise’s impressive resorts, villas, restaurants, and tourist attractions make it worth visiting for many honeymooners and friend groups.

It is a picture-perfect travel destination for white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise water, boating opportunities, diving and snorkeling spots, and scenic hiking trails.

There are plenty of things to keep you busy with the cultural festivals of the islands. The British Virgin Islands are naturally stunning, but this is not their only strength. The locals of these islands are hot, friendly, and cooperative.

Another specialty of these islands is their cheap rum and fantastic weather. We highly recommend you visit this exquisite paradise and find out how to make the best time there.

3. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the second largest island of the Antilles chain in the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean washes the shores of this island to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. Consequently, there are many common things between the Dominican Republic and the countries of Latin America.

Many people consider the Dominican Republic as a destination from a dreamy tale. There are gorgeous trees, impressive waterfalls, less-crowded beaches, and untouched scenic beauty. You can happily spend your vacation days on beautiful sandy beaches with crystal-clear water and lofty palm trees.

4. Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a South Pacific nation consisting of 15 islands tied politically to New Zealand. These islands are archipelagos in the South Pacific Ocean between Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, and French Polynesia. You can access the Cook Islands by cruise ships, flights, or private sailing yachts. It is a tropical country that offers a warm temperature almost the entire year round.

The spectacular marine life, a giant row of coconut palms, splendid blue crystal-clear water, etc., are enough to make a tranquil trip.

However, if you haven’t been astonished enough yet by any island destination, make sure you plan this time to visit the Cook Islands. This beautiful island destination offers visitors spectacular resorts and villas, services, unique activities, and exclusive amenities.

5. Maldives


The Maldives is the world’s most demanding travel destination for honeymooners. The sea’s aquamarine crystal-clear water attracts tourists so much that they like to visit the islands again and again. The divers and snorkelers always keep this island on their top choice list. Maldives has luxury resorts and hotels that offer adventurous activities for travelers.

The rows of dreamy coconut palms, white sandy beaches, and pristine water make the Maldives an ultimate destination. There are plenty of reasons why people consider Maldives home to be the world’s best luxury resort property. However, the unique experience you will get on this island will be found nowhere in the world.

6. Hawaii

A great travel destination, Hawaii, is mainly the best island for thrill-seekers. You can snorkel with the sea life, explore the ocean and underwater creatures, parasail with a sunset background, kayak along the coast, and watch the waterfall excursions.

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What more do you want on a trip? Though many activities can be found on other island destinations, the overall theme of Hawaii will seem enchanting to you.

Hawaii is vibrant with natural beauty and friendly culture. It is an exotic island that offers many luxurious beaches. To seek adventure that permeates the air, sea, and land, visiting Hawaii will be a great decision. It is home to eight major islands that boast multiple amenities. Hawaii hosts luxurious resorts.

7. Singapore

Singapore is one of the best-chosen travel destinations in the world. This cosmopolitan city has around 5.7 million people. After gaining independence in 1965 from the British, they constantly tried to develop their economic sectors, and now it has become the world’s leading economic center in baking and shipping.

The amazing fact about this city is that foodies worldwide may come here to get a varied taste of the famous foods of different countries. The local restaurants and tasty hawker smalls offer delicious Indian foods and unique seafood to the visitors.

However, since Singapore is a global economic hub, everything in this city is costly. So, you must bring a handsome budget to afford the services in Singapore.

8. Tahiti

Tahiti consists of 118 islands, but only a few islands can attract tourists yearly. It has impressive mountain peaks, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. The lush green landscapes, valleys, and luxury resorts make this place an excellent destination for honeymooners.

Divers recognize Tahiti as one of the best diving sites in the world. This island is primarily known for its black-sand beaches, waterfall, and tropical lagoons. However, those who want plenty of luxury with a mixture of adventure must visit Tahiti.

There are many fine spots for swimming and snorkeling. In addition, the Teahupoo lagoon is a trendy place for surfers that offers excellent opportunities to test their surfing skills on the sharp reef breaks of the island.

9. Ibiza

Ibiza is a great travel destination that is popular as the world’s clubbing capital. Ibiza’s five most famous sights are Es Vedra, San Antonio, Formentera, The Hippy Market, and Dalt Vila.

Apart from world-class nightclubs and beach clubs, countless things attract tourists. The ancient olive trees, pretty villages, the rural interior of fragrant pines, etc., are the things you must consider enjoying while visiting Ibiza.

This place has almost everything you need to have a perfect summer vacation. A wide range of beaches made it a dreamy destination for travel-seekers.

10. Bali

Bali is a top-rated travel destination for its magnificent beaches, catchy spiritual energy, exotic sunsets, and terraced rice fields. You are welcome to Bali if you like surfing, meditation, yoga, trekking, exploring the wild nightlife, and experiencing delicious traditional foods. Bali remains busy during the summer holiday and festive seasons.

Though you will experience the most crowd during this period, it is an excellent opportunity to experience Balinese culture. You will indeed be enchanted by the majestic Balinese charm and beauty that you can’t compare to other world sites. Being a magical destination, you must fulfill and thrill your soul by visiting Bali on your following holidays.

11. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are top-rated destinations for many people worldwide, and it’s easy to understand why. There are many things to see and experience on this beautiful island paradise. In addition, the magical Cayman Islands are the perfect Caribbean gateway for relaxation and adventure-seeking travelers.

Cayman is a cosmopolitan place alive with a rich local culture. The adventure-seeking souls must want to uncover the greatest treasures of the Cayman Islands.

The best fact is the locals’ warm hospitality and the island’s fabulous natural phenomena will allure you the best. Never miss a chance to explore the lust forests, diverse birdlife, pristine beaches, premium resorts, and mysterious caves of the Caymans Islands.

12. Molokini Island

Going to Molokini Island feels like visiting a never-ending adventure. The activities offered by the resorts of this island suits every soul. In addition, Molokini Island is the most famous place for snorkeling tours on Maui.

So, if you like snorkeling, spend at least a day on a snorkeling tour to Molokini Island to explore the marine preserve and experience the exotic, colorful marine life.

The bright coral reef, crystal-clear water, calm atmosphere, and more than 200 species of tropical fish make this island one of the world’s best tourist spots. Old and young, all will be offered unique services, and they will find plentiful options to spend a great time on this island.

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13. Curacao Island

Curacao Island has picture-perfect bays and excellent turquoise water lapping against the white sand. This island offers impressive underwater activities for snorkelers and scuba divers. It is a friendly island with a few crimes that help you smoothly spend your vacation there.

The location of this island is outside of the hurricane belt. Therefore, you will enjoy a warm and sunny atmosphere with little precipitation throughout the year. Once you go there, you will have difficulty getting over the gorgeous untouched beaches of this incredible island destination.

It is a perfect destination for families, honeymooners, couples, group trips, and girl trips. You will have a great time spending time in different kinds of activities and enjoying the beaches of this island.

Curacao Island is an expensive travel destination. Since honeymooners and luxury travelers mainly prefer it, most don’t hesitate to pay for premium hotels, services, food, and activities.

14. Aruba

Aruba is an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands with 100,000 inhabitants. It is a popular vacation destination due to its vast choice of accommodations, high-rise resorts, exciting amenities, beautiful sights, and many more. In addition, the beaches of Aruba offer many adventurous activities.

An imperative fact about Aruba is the inhabitants of this island are multilingual. Most of them can communicate in English and Spanish. Therefore, you will easily make conversation with the locals and get all the necessary information about the best places to visit from them. Furthermore, this island is so clean and safe that visitors will keep traveling to this place more than once.

Being one of the safest travel destinations in the Caribbean, you may roam around the country at any time you wish. Aruba’s primary focus is tourism. So, you will get the best services and accommodation from the tourist dealers since they are very well-equipped. It is an expensive destination like most other Caribbean islands, but there are options to cut off your budget in some sectors.

15. Anguilla

Anguilla is a dreamy island destination for its white sandy beaches, pristine aqua sea, and lavish resorts. You will be excited to spend your great vacation on this beautiful island.

This Caribbean paradise offers great weather from December to April when temperatures range from 70-85 degrees. However, you must remember the heftier accommodation and activity prices during this island’s peak season.

It is a relatively small island with no cruise ships, high-rise hotels, casinos, and shopping malls, unlike many other neighboring Caribbean islands.

However, a few resorts around the island are excellent and cater to babymoons, honeymooners, or couples who want a secluded and pristine vacation destination. In addition, there are tons of fun things to do in Anguilla, like riding a horse, snorkeling, cliff jumping, golfing, enjoying the sunset, etc.

16. Bora bora

Bora Bora is an island that feels remote and easily accessible for honeymooners, friend groups, and family members. It is a dream destination in the South Pacific for snorkelers and scuba divers. Beautiful beaches, colorful marine life, tropical vegetation, satisfying accommodation, and a wide range of activities make Bora Bora a famous travel destination.

The world-class luxury resorts in Bora Bora boast the greatest overwater bungalows in the South Pacific. Many sand-fringed islets and a coral reef-protection lagoon surround this island. As Bora Bora is a single island, no other islands are hopping on it. The island has excellent attractions, which are the main sources of income for the Bora Bora tourism agencies.

17. Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the best islands in the world. You will be more interested in visiting this island after knowing that Prince William and Kate Middleton and Victoria and David Beckham came to this island to spend their honeymoon.

Some famous movies were filmed here. The white beaches are the best attractions for tourists. Choose it as your travel place to relax on the picture-perfect beaches and explore the underwater heritage of the island.

Experience your ultimate island travel life in Seychelles and see the magical things of the boulder-dotted coastlines of the islands. There are many reasons why people call Seychelles paradise on earth.

Most of the Seychelles islands have protected areas of marine sanctuaries and all the natural reserves. In Seychelles, you will find rare species like Coco de Mer palm and endemic giant Aldabra tortoises.

18. Santorini

Santorini is a famous tropical island that has received more buzz in the last few years. It is a volcanic and windswept island in the Cyclades. People from all over the world come to this island to learn about the rich culture and history and explore the breathtaking beauty of the island. The blue dome churches and colorful beaches are the best attractions for the photogenic people.

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Plan to visit Santorini between late March to early June or early September to late October when the island offers warm, sunny, and comfortable weather. Thousands of visitors come to Santorini and review this place vastly, making it one of the most popular destinations in Greece. 

A pristine island gateway like Santorini provides many adventurous activities like mountain hiking, ocean swimming, scuba diving, etc. Of course, you will need transport to explore outside of the town, but the towns of Santorini are small enough that you can walk on foot to go to many places and restaurants.

19. Fiji

Fiji is one of the best island destinations that offers world-class resorts and airlines to cruises that will keep you coming back to the island. You must keep Fiji on your choice list for its luxe resorts, glittery sands of the beaches, and crystal-clear turquoise waters. It is similar in beauty and accommodation to many other famous tropical island getaways.

Those who like diving, hiking, and surfing, will visit Fiji the most to fulfill their adventure-seeking wishes. It will make you feel like a dreamy tropical paradise once you are in Fiji, an archipelago in the South Pacific.

Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the two main islands of Fiji, with hundreds of small islands between them. Fiji is a great option when looking for secluded and private villas to enjoy the white sand beaches, waterfalls, and late-night parties.

20. Palawan

Palawan is considered the best island in the world by many people. So if you want a tropical and exotic escape for a few days, plan to visit an iconic island, Palawan. It has more than 1,700 pristine islands in El Nido, Coron, Puerto Princesa, and San Vicente.

The trip will allow you to experience white sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, a handful of species of exotic birds, rich culture, lush vegetation, and many more things.

Since it is ranked as one of the best islands in the world and the best place to visit in the Philippines, you must go there to explore the spectacular marine life, majestic towering limestone cliffs, blue waters, and shipwreck sites of Palawan at least once in a lifetime. After making a trip to this place, you must admit that visiting Palawan is the best for unforgettable adventures and experiences.

21. Bermuda

It would be great if you keep Bermuda on your bucket list for your vacation time. Bermuda is a luxury destination that offers lush activities. The varied topography of this island makes it an ideal place for golfing, performing water sports, hiking, and many other great activities.

Bermuda is a great place that is shielded by coral reefs and bathed almost throughout the year. It will feel like you are too far from the world’s troubles once you step into this rich island. The famous and unique pink sand and teeming turquoise water of this island are tourists’ favorite attractions. 

A visit to Bermuda will allow you to enjoy the island, holding to its British customs, etiquette, and elegance. The pastel-colored houses, lush greenery in the mansions, Bermuda Museums, art galleries, etc., have made it a picture-perfect spot for travel seekers.


There is no alternative to spending quality time with friends, family, or partners during vacation. When planning a trip to another part of the world, it is always best to choose an island gateway to get a unique and exotic escape.

The incredible islands described in this article are easily accessible for family gatherings, honeymoons, anniversaries, or other celebrations.

Nature lovers will love to get around any of the above islands, enjoying the best natural beauty of the islands and the opportunities of surfing, boating, kayaking, hiking, birding, and exploring the culture, customs, and historical places.

The islands described above also offer the most luxurious accommodation to the visitors that you will surely be interested in planning another vacation next time there.

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