Molokini Island: An Essential Travel Guide to Offer Everything you Need to Know

Molokini Island

If you are a lover of traveling, then Molokini, Molokini Island is a paradise for you. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. It is growing to be the most popular destination for tourists. This place offers the most adventurous marina life and wild nightlife that will make you feel out of the world throughout your trip. 

If you organize a trip with your parents or kids, a tour with your friends, or your honeymoon, then Molokini is a beautiful place to go and has numerous activities for your to-do list. This travel guide on Molokini Island will give you some great information that you will look no further than this world-famous island.  

Geography of Molokini Island

Geography of Molokini Island

The small crescent moon-shaped Molokini island is three miles from the Maui South west coastlines. It occupies an area of eighteen acres with an altitude of 160 feet above sea level. There are three volcanic calderas in the world, and Molokini Island is one of them. This island is both an ecologic and geologic marvel. 

You can decide to discover coral or explore the ever-flamboyant world of tropical fish, as there are over 250 species. The seabirds and colorful tropical fish, world-famous Hawaiian green sea turtles,  and a plankton-eating whale shark are the things you will feel lucky to see on this island. The island is a conservation district for birds and the state marine life.

Travel to Molokini Island 

May tourists need help with the question of how we get there. It is straightforward to make your way through Molokini island. There are numerous tours available in Lahaina as well as Maalaea Harbor. To have the best experience, it is advisable to tour the reserve early in the morning. Check out some of the exclusive boat transportation of Molokini Island. 

1. Kai Kanani

Kai Kanani is an exclusive shore transportation with Maui’s most fantastic sailing catamarans. You can have a very relaxing journey on this boat because the spacious deck and cabin area won’t allow you to feel in a crowded place.

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Try out this boat with quality snorkel gear, explicit instructions, and floatation devices, and enjoy your breakfast, beverages, cocktails, beers, or lunch. 

2. Pacific Whale Foundation 

This boat is a lush double-decker catamaran ideal for heading to Molokini crater for a splendid snorkeling experience with friends and family. People consider this vessel one of the best mediums to travel to Molokini for offering the best views from its shaded interior cabin.

The marine naturalists will assist you in reaching the Molokini Crater in the best possible way within a short time. The service and value of it will be the best bet for your trip. 

3. Redline Rafting 

The guests will get a tremendous on-boat experience with the Marine Naturalist. They also provide the best snorkeling equipment and instructions to their guests. Redline Rafting is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy the ocean and add spice to your snorkeling adventure.

This boat will get you to the fantastic spots of the island, including both the front and backside of Molokini Crater. In addition, they offer underwater camera rental service, breakfast, a shortie wetsuit, snorkel gear, lunch, and a snorkeling chance with protected Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. So, you are welcome to try out a fun adventure with Redline Rafting. 

4. Malolo

This 55-foot catamaran is a budget-friendly option for the guests of Molokini Island. Malolo should be your favorite pick if you are interested in exploring the beauty of Maui’s breathtaking marine life.

You can enjoy your boat trip with Malolo on a sweet Sunday morning to Molokini Crater with all the snorkel equipment, guide instructions, breakfast, lunch, beverages, and other things for the whole day. Riding this boat is a cost-effective way to make a trip to the crater. 

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5. Trilogy

The trilogy takes fewer guests than they are licensed for. Therefore, you can access more leisure rooms and roam around the large vessels. These vessels offer their guests their exclusive fresh baked cinnamon rolls, Kona coffee breakfast, and fresh fruits.

The food items they offer are unique, and the crew is friendly to the guests. In addition, you will see two snorkel sites; therefore, avoiding crowded spots is easy. 

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Activities to Do on Molokini Island 

There are countless activities to do in Molokini, Maui. First, you can have an excursion around the island and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. You will also have an opportunity to learn about the local history and the ecosystem.

There are also numerous sporting activities to keep you on your toes, starting with the action sport fishing, which is the most popular, not to mention the swimming and diving competitions that leave you dazzled.

The water is crystal clear; hence you get a feel of fish and sea life as you enjoy the sports. During winter, you can enjoy whale watching as a great bonus. 

1. Snorkeling 

Snorkeling is the most performed activity on Monokini Island because the condition of this island has made this place the top spot for snorkeling. You must book your snorkeling tour service to bring you to the island.

The massive reef inside the Molokini Crater features the best conditions on the island for scuba diving or snorkeling. You will see more than 250 species of tropical fish in the reef, which are rarely found elsewhere. 

2. Fishing in the Crystal Clear Water 

The crystal clear blue water of the island offers fantastic conditions for swimming beginners. Moreover, the visibility underwater will let you feel safe while swimming. Therefore, swimming on Molokini island is one of the easiest activities you may enjoy. 

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Best Time to Visit the Molokini Island 

Molokini Island’s diving and snorkeling conditions can be enjoyed all year round. Therefore, you can pick any season as the right time to visit. However, you should remember that the morning hours are the best time to enjoy the water activities but if you want to avoid crowds, choose the afternoon snorkel trips. 


Q: What are the water and air temperatures in Molokini island in the winter? Can I swim with my child there?

Hawaii’s weather is good all year round, but Molokini island is not the best place for a little child because of its rocky shores. However, Hawaii has a lot of other places to visit with little children. Kaanapali beach, for example.

Q: Is Molokini Island worth the cost of the trip?

Making a trip to Molokini Island may seem expensive to many, but you can reduce the costs of the activities there. Snorkeling, boat tours, or other activities are inexpensive, but you may need to spend much to stay at the resorts. 


You should never think further about making a trip to one of the premier travel destinations on earth, Molokini Island, to explore underwater. So many colorful marine species make their home in this crescent-shaped crater.

Keep this place on your choice list if you are a scuba or snorkeling enthusiast. The crystal clear blue water, lush reef, and colorful aquatic marine life of Molokini Island will take you to another world and make your trip the most memorable one forever.

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