Ibiza is also referred to as Catalan and is the 3rd largest Balearic Islands after Menorca and Majorca. It is a holiday destination which draws lots of Europeans and visitors due mainly because of its clear waters, sandy beaches and vibrant night life.

The island of Ibiza has gone through large commercial development. Yet it still possesses a slew of scenic nature as well as undisturbed places where crowds could escape the busy city life and enjoy peace and quiet.


A lot of people go to Ibiza because of its lively atmosphere. Hailed as the worlds clubbing capital, Ibiza is known for its party scene. Youthful holiday goers are attracted by establishments such as Eden, Space and Pacha. The season of summer is where the largest club events are held in Ibiza.

Families will find a lot of things with which to entertain themselves. There are numerous attractions built for every visitor of any age. There are two water parks which are popular with children on sunny and hot days.

Ibiza Girls

There are also visitor infrastructure which makes sure that everyones taste is satisfied. Local food could also be enjoyed at numerous Catalan-style eateries. Shopping outlets are abundant.

Accommodations are plenty and they cover a slew of styles and budgets. Families could enjoy self-catering properties. Meanwhile, the young ones will opt to select mid-budget hotels which are within easy reach of the night life zones and the beach. Hotels in Ibiza could be booked through the internet in advance.

Take note that Ibiza has its own international airport that allows it to be connected with mainland Spain as well as Europe. Visitors could also fly to Madrid or the city of Barcelona and then take a domestic connection. During the summer season, charter flights are available on Ibiza. Once visitors arrive, buses are a cheap but effective means to get around the island. You could also hire a car if you want to see the entire island.

The season of summer is the most preferred time to take a fun holiday. June to September is the most preferred time to go to Ibiza. Meanwhile, Juy and August are considered as the hottest months.

Ibiza Sunny Beach

The season of autumn and spring are pleasant seasons to be in Ibiza. Plus, the prices are cheaper and there are not so much crowds.

The season of winter is where a cold spell is felt and the weather is mild. The mountainous inland areas are prone to low temperatures compared to the coastal ones. If you want to escape the chills of other countries, it is a perfect time to go to Ibiza.

Ibiza Girls Salinas

Feel free to go to the beach. It is a must that you go to the beach when you are in Ibiza. If you prefer a lively atmosphere, go to the crowds located at Playa den Bossa. But if you want some peace and relative quiet, the place for you is Cala d Hort.

All in all, Ibiza is the perfect place if you want to go away from the maddening crowd and join the partying ones.

Ibiza Restaurants

Ibiza Restaurant at Night

Remember that Ibiza is legendary for its wild nightlife. The most popular nightclubs are Amnesia, Privilege, Es Paradis, Eden and Pacha. In the summer, DJs and producers go to the island to play in numerous clubs. A lot of these DJs go to Ibiza and play their new songs in the nightclubs. Their music vary from techno, trance and house. The city is renowned worldwide as a unique cultural center. The name Ibiza is now being used synonymously for the style of electronic music which comes from there.

The annual event Ibiza Rocks has been held since 2005 and this has essentially redefined the party landscape of the area. Popular bands such as Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chefs and The Prodigy have played in the clubs and courtyard of Ibiza.

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