Once in a rare while, you may be hit by a desire to visit a place where natural attractions abound. If you want to soak in the history while marveling at an eco-tourism destination, Dominica perfectly fits the bill.

Touted as the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’, the place is teeming with majestic waterfalls,lush rainforests, splendid mountains, and rare varieties of flora and fauna. If relaxation in a natural backdrop and entertainment is topmost in your mind, Dominica is the place to visit. Trekkers who head through the vanilla orchids and ginger plantations will reach the summit of the twin falls Trafalgar Falls.

Among the must-see spots in Dominica is the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, much of which is primordial rainforest. It counts among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.Also worth visiting is the Carib Territor, a reservation where the first inhabitants of Dominica live.

People who love to swim, snorkel and marvel at underwater life will find the place idyllic. There are wonderful beaches, like Champagne, Pointe Baptiste, Scotts Head, and the shimmering Hampstead Beach. For beachgoers who like a secluded spot, there is L’Anse Tortue, also referred to as Turtle Bay.

Other interesting places to see in Dominica, which arouse curiosity by their names alone, are the Boiling Lake and Valley of Desolation. Boiling Lake is regarded as the most spectacular among the hikes in Dominica. It rests at the bottom of a large basin resembling a sinkhole. Valley of Desolation is not as desolate as its name suggests. The air is hot and moist, and the sharp, acrid smell of sulphur may be too much for some people. If bubbling gases, spraying and hissing geysers, cracks and holes are not for you, you may be better off exploring other spots.

When all the sightseeing leaves you famished, hie off to the splattering of restaurants in Roseau, or in Castle Comfort, Concord, Portsmouth, and some of the hotels. As with most other countries, varied cuisines will tease and satisfy the palates of travelers to Dominica. Dominican restaurants usually serve locally produced juices, rums, spices, fruits and vegetables along with exotic eats like frog and rodent.

There are lots of other things to do in a pristine country like Dominica. If you are traveling with kids, the zoos and aquariums are worth checking out. Women who love to shop for trinkets, shirts, bags, fruits & vegetables may also find a visit to the Old Market Square in Roseau pretty interesting.

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