Curacao Island

The Caribbean Islands boast of a lot of territories that people can visit and explore for their vacation. One of these great islands is called the Curacao Island. Despite its quaintness, this island boasts of a rich culture and a breathtaking view. Is it your dream to unwind by the beach with nothing but the sun, the sand and the waves relaxing you? Or are you in for an adventure where you can mingle with the locals and explore their culture? Are you also interested in some soul searching while visiting key places in the territory? If youre game to explore all these things, then you can do all of these in Curacao Island. Once you are in Curacao Island, opportunities to have a great time will open up before you. Whatever your interests are, you can find it in the island.

Curacao beach

Curacao beach

The island is known for its coral reefs which many people explore through scuba diving. If you want to have an underwater adventure, this is the best place. If you want to marvel at the beauty of the sea, Curacao Island offers you her best. If you want to enjoy the view of the beach, you may also do so. Or if youre interested in mingling with the locals and exploring the best places to eat, you wont run out of things to try in Curacao Island.

Everyone deserves to have an adventure in a faraway place. Especially to those who have been working hard throughout the year, they deserve to sit back, relax and enjoy what nature has to offer them. They also deserve to get away from all the stress of the city life. If you want an escape, choose Curacao Island. You wont regret every single minute that youre in the small but wonderful island.

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  • Stacey

    Curacao is amasing place! Really love it, good shopping, almost each caffe has a free wife ( I am talking about Willemsatad). The biggest impression though was from the advertising on the shop-door. Shop was looking for a retail associates speaking English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento (language that they speak on the island, kind of mixed spanish, english and dutch alltogether). Well , if I speaked 4 languages I wouldn’t go to work as a sales assistants I think. Probably in case they pay reeealy good money! My only advice for you, if you ever go that place you should visit the cave , really mistical place. Guide was telling us that during slavery time some slaves actualy were escaping from fields and hiding in the cave, that was their survival shot, cause their white masters never had courage to go that place and bring slaves back. Also all island is full of huge higuanas living on trees. So, the place is very different from those I saw before.