Cayman Islands

Official Name: Cayman Islands
Capital: George Town
Official Language: English
Independence: None
Area: 102 sq mi
Timezone: GMT-5
Population: 54,878
Currency: Cayman Islands Dollar

The Cayman Islands consists of three major islands: Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, Grand Cayman. All three are British Overseas Territory. The Cayman Islands is located less than 500 miles of Miami’s South. Meanwhile, Grand Cayman is a famous Caribbean vacation spot which offers tons of natural beauty. It also provides outdoor activities, fine dining. Nightlife and outdoor activities. Tourism is the Cayman Islands’ second biggest industry. The first industry if financial services.

The Cayman Islands history is long and colorful. The US Department of State claims that the islands were mostly uninhabited before the 1600s. Prior to the 1700s, the Cayman Islands residents are mainly shipwrecked sailors, pirates, slaves, Spansh Inquisition refugees and military deserters.

The overall control and management of the Cayman Islands was relegated in 1670 to Great Britain. The first permanent settlement that was considered successful was built in 1730. Island tourists wil; discover numerous historic sites such as old shipwrecks. Lovers of history would find Pirates Week fun. This is an annual event held in October or November. The event includes mock pirate invasion, pirate costumes, kid-friendly events and fireworks.

Tourists from the US who visit the Cayman Islands before 2007 will be pleasantly surprised to know that citizens of the US who enter the country via air are now demanded to present a US valid passport as according to the Tourism Department of the Cayman Islands.

The United States Department suggests that travelers who arrive through cruise ships needs to consult with their cruise line for requirements upon entry. Citizens of the US do not require a visa for short visits. However, those who intend to work in the Caymans must acquire a work permit from the Department of Immigration of the Cayman Islands. A passport that is valid is necessary to be able to re-enter the US.
The State Department advises travelers to communicate with the National Passport Information before planning on a Cayman Islands trip in order to acquire an updated passport.

The CDC or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends travelers going to the Cayman Islands to be updated on all necessary vaccinations such as those against pertussis, diptheria, measles, tetanus, rubella, mumps and polio.

The CDC also suggests that travelers be vaccinated for typhoid as well as hepatitis A and hepatitis B. It is best if travelers consult with their doctor for any personal health issues which might affect their Cayman Islands trip.
Tourists who want to shop need to bring a calculator. Though US currency is accepted in the Cayman Islands, prices are listed in the official currency of the country. The currency of the Cayman Islands is CI. It has a fixed exchange rate with the American dollar. $1 CI is equal to US$1.25.

Fortunately, numerous businesses accept credit cards and Discover Cards. ATMS which accept MasterCard and Visa cards could be had at banks and at the International Airport.

Do not forget that hurricanes are reported during June to November. The location of the Cayman Islands is along the path of many hurricanes. However, any area in Cayman Islands is susceptible to nature.

Cayman Islands Map

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