Bora Bora

Think of sun-kissed beaches and pristine waters splashing along a line of Pacific palms. Bora Bora is so perfect you could end up wondering if an artist actually painted the whole scenery. It is also a wonder that the whole island resembles a painters palette floating in the warm and calm Pacific Ocean.

Bora Bora is not a new name in tourism. It actually places consistently in lists for top island destinations chosen by magazines and the tourists themselves. The main island itself is famous for a number of luxury resorts redefining comfort and leisure by integrating native culture of the less than 10,000 population on the island.

Hotels in Bora Bora

Basic Information

The island is one among the Polynesian islands administered by France in the southern Pacific. Historically, Bora Bora, as a part of the French Polynesian, was introduced to the European people in 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan, the same man and from the same expedition who also introduced the Pacific route, thus discovering vast lands in the said area. The native Polynesians in this island, and the whole Society Island group to which the Bora Bora belongs, inhabited this wonder island as early as the 4th century.

Bora Bora Paradise

Many travelers mistake the Bora Bora island as that of the equally famous Boracay island in the Pacific nation of the Philippines because of the name and the white beaches. The name Bora Bora actually originated as Pora Pora or as Bolabolla, meaning First Born.

Bora Bora Island

The Most Beautiful Island in the World

There are many reasons why Bora Bora Island can be considered the most beautiful island in the world. The landscape is simply the wordless expression of paradise, with the island engulfed in blues and greens of the lagoon that braces two extinct volcanoes now covered in lush. The rolling topography is lined with towering coconut and tropical flora that find their way to the sea. The ecosystem also gives this island the advantage. As many might expect, the natives and the tourists are not alone in the island. They actually share it with a diverse mountain to sea life forms. The island itself is embraced by a barrier reef, which is home to many species of fish, shark and rays.

Bora Bora Romance

The Tourism Amenities

Also, the tourism amenities in the island mix privacy and romance through their overwater cottages overviewing the magnificent sunrise and sunset. The local culture is also one to be admired, with these Polynesians guiding tourists with zeal and genuine friendship.

Just an info, the locals may speak French or Polynesian but they are also acquainted with the English language, so there is essentially no problem dealing with them. Local stores also give the Bora Bora experience a big advantage as tourists get to experience wearing local perfumes and oils and wooden and pearl accessories. And by the way, tourists also get to see how the island was armed during the World War, with cannons scattered along the island.

Going there is through Air Tahiti which has about five daily flights from Tahiti. There are many tour packages offered by local and international travel companies for this getaway island paradise.

Bora Bora Sea

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