Already picked the Caribbean Sea as your next vacation spot to go to, but just cannot quite find the right island, out of thousands upon thousands of differently shaped and sized island, to land on and call home while you disappear off the face of the Earth for a few weeks? If your problem is as simple as this one, then you need not worry any more, for Aruba Island, one of the many in these Caribbean islands, is one island you would not want to skip over. After you are through with your vacation at Aruba Island, if you still did not want to live here, you would certainly come back here every time you can, for the rest of your life.

Hotels in Aruba

Hotel Deals & Cheap Flights to Aruba: Take a Look

Aruba Island is one of the literal thousands of islands the Caribbean consists of. It is one of the islands which have been transformed into the widely visited tourist attractions the Caribbean has. With so many islands and islets the Caribbean Sea has, only a few have been made into these tourist attractions, probably for personal, economic, or environmental reasons. Regardless, Aruba Island is a tourist attraction because it is worthy of being one.

Aruba sea

Aruba sea

Aruba Island has become quite the busy island among all the Caribbean islands. It has become such as widely visited island that it now hosts numbers of different annual events and other great tropical-feeling activities. You think only the Bahamas sports Caribbean culture? The island of Aruba makes any tourist, regardless of race or any other social or cultural or religious affiliation, feel welcome and feel at home with the Caribbean people with cultural activities and parties. Add that with the already evident tour packages of swimming, diving, snorkeling, water sports, speed-boating, and other water-affiliated activities, and Aruba Island might just be the perfect getaway.

Aruba Island Photo

Aruba Island Photo

Where is Aruba Located?

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  • Jakob Martens

    Really useful article. Just like a paradise. I´m personally afraid of flighty, but I hope I´ll get it by to visit Aruba

  • Nasty

    Oh, Aruba is a really nice place. Just love it. It has bright and colourful buildings everywhere, just feels like you are in a fairytale! Even those big lizards didn’t scare me. Palm beach is definetly the best, the only beach in the world I have seen which has Dunkin Donuts ( I am addicted to it). And if you ever go to Aruba you have to try their beer. It’s called Balashi and has a veery special Caribbean taste.