Hawaii as a Great Travel Destination 


Hawaii, or the Big Islands, is located in the northernmost part of Polynesia, in the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the United States of America’s 50 states. The Big Islands is composed of eight main islands and a diversity of different natural formations. It is geographically gifted with islets, waterfalls, volcanoes, sea mountains, and beaches. 

The state experiences a tropical climate all year round, with rains and calm winds from time to time. One can find the varying intensity of rains or winds depending on where in the islands one is located. But overall, locals experience a palpable and enjoyable tropical climate. The climate in the islands relates well with the culture and practices in the area.

Events and Festivals in Hawaii

1. Annual Events 

People in Hawaii celebrate many memorable occasions throughout the city annually. Honolulu Marathon in December and International Film Festival in October are the biggest attractions for visitors.

Some other events also draw many participants from around the world, like O’ahu’s Prince Lot Hula Competition in July, the location occasion King Kamehameha Celebration in June, the Eo E Emalani I Alaka’i Festival, etc., are great events that gather so many people in different locations.

These annual events can give the tourist a genuine glimpse of the cultural mind of the locals of Hawaii. 

2. Food Festivals

Many tourist places offer different food festivals that vary widely, which makes the trip more unique to the people. Hawaii also features its traditional and local foods to the local people and visitors of Hawaii. At those festivals, you will find some unique products to buy, except food items. 

Hawaii’s Food and Wine Festival is hosted by expert chefs, winemakers, and master sommeliers to welcome Hawaii’s wine and food lovers. Kapalua Wine and Food Festival in June, Maui and O’ahu Festival in October, Kaua’i Chocolate and Coffee Festival in October, and Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival in November are the events that you must participate in and enjoy. 

3. The Festive Islands of Aloha

You shouldn’t miss discovering the culture of Hawaii alive with paniolo (cowboys), ethnic minorities, Chinese dragons, etc. They offer exotic and exclusive celebrations on different occasions.

You can enjoy culinary events, street parties, food and craft fairs, parades, concerts, and family festivals. The festival island of Aloha will not only teach you about Hawaii’s diverse culture and festivals but also refresh your mind so that you hardly forget the memories over there. 

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Activities in Hawaii

There are a lot of activities one can do whenever on the wonderful island of Hawaii. Because they are naturally blessed with several active volcanoes, visitors to the island can get a tour that allows them to see and experience these creations.

A day of up-close volcano sightseeing can be an experience of a lifetime! Another highlight of the volcano experience is that there is not only one volcano to see but several. According to one of the island’s tourism websites, there are three active volcanoes: Mauna Loa, Kilauea, and Loihi.

1. Visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

According to records, Mauna Loa has erupted 39 times since 1832, with its last eruption dating to 1984. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, or HVNP, is one of the few parks in the world where one can experience the volcanoes at the nearest and safest possible distance.

The HVNP has been taking care of and monitoring Mauna Loa. Park visitors are given a chance to get as close as possible to the volcano through accessible trail routes. 

Kilauea is a more frequently active volcano than Mauna Loa. It has erupted 62 times in only 245 years. Loihi is a unique volcano. It can be found under the sea, about 970 meters below sea level, to be exact. Loihi may break the surface and emerge as another island shortly.

All these volcanoes can be accessed through the HVNP. This park is like a museum where visitors can participate in the history of eruptions, emergence, and other volcano activities. Visitors not only have the chance to learn the history, but they can also get close to the active volcanoes and experience them through hiking along the rocky trails.

2. Hawaii Hiking

Aside from volcanoes, there are still many things to do in Hawaii. Marine life is also something one can look forward to. Molokini is considered to be a world-class snorkel and dive location. It boasts of housing about 250 marine species. The Molokini reefs are also known to be lush and flourishing. 

Clear and pristine waters allow divers to have complete visibility of the breathtaking underwater creations. For example, Molokini is a partially merged volcanic crater that looks like a crescent. Its shape blocks huge waves and tides, allowing divers to explore the deep oceans freely. Sightseeing can also be an excellent activity for those who prefer staying dry and on land. 

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Humpback whales appear from time to time at the surface of the water and can be a fantastic sight. The Molokini crater also offers a bird sanctuary. Rare species of Wedge-tailed Shearwater and Bulwer’s Petrel are protected in Molokini. Island guests can also enjoy the sight of these birds. 

3. Relaxing in Molokini Reefs

Hawaii can be of excellent service to those on the island for a romantic trip. Maui’s sunset cruise can do the trick for your romantic vacation. Food on board is not pre-prepared; instead, it is prepared on the spot so one can be sure of the freshness.

The mood on the cruise is also casual, and the parties are cocktail type so one can relax and let go of the usual formality and uptightness in most cruises and parties. This could spell a great vacation.

If visitors prefer a more private vacation, a couple can enjoy their yacht and celebrate isolation from the crowd and their big families. This could do the trick, especially for those who are celebrating their honeymoons and anniversaries.

4. Exploring Maui Ocean Center

On the other hand, those on vacation with their families can still enjoy different activities. The Maui Ocean Center is a state-of-the-art aquarium dedicated to showcasing the magnificent underwater treasures of Hawaii. In addition, the place gives its visitors a dryland snorkel experience.

The Ocean Center is truly an enjoyable place for both adults and children. More so, it is also an interactive learning experience for all. Educational displays about Hawaii’s marine life are available in key areas of the Ocean Center.

5. Having a Submarine Experience 

A submarine experience is something that people usually need help finding readily available. So whenever one is in Hawaii, one should take part in the Atlantis Submarine underwater tour. The family will indeed consider this an unforgettable experience.

The submarine is incredibly comfortable and spacious for passengers, so they have to enjoy and take everything in. The tour takes place 100 feet under the sea, and guests have to marvel at the entirety of the experience. In addition, families can enjoy parasailing, surfing, hiking, and swimming.

6. Snorkeling or Diving 

Your trip to Hawaii can only be completed with snorkeling or scuba diving. Make a plan to explore the incredible wildlife of Hawaii, ranging from manta rays to sea turtles, while diving and swimming through the ocean.

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Golden Arches, Kailua-Kona, and the Cathedrals are unique diving spots in Hawaii. Poipu Beach Park, the North Shore, and Kealakekua Bay are famous places for snorkeling.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii

For people who love to roam around the world on sunny and bright days, Hawaii is the best pick for them to travel. Hawaii remains hot and sunny all year round, which might be convenient for many visitors.

It is expected that you will always feel a good time visiting Hawaii, but you can enjoy your trip the most there from the middle of December till the end of April. During these months, the average temperature of Hawaii is 78°F (26°C). 

However, you can plan to go there during the low seasons too. For example, Hawaii gets amazing weather and fewer crowds from mid-April to mid-June when the temperature is 85°F (29°C). 

Tips to Stay Safe in Hawaii

Travelers feel safe in Hawaii. There is hardly any bad review regarding this place, even if someone roams around the place alone. This place is a preferred destination as violence and crimes are considerably rare. However, you should remember some tips to stay safe there as follows:

  • Don’t walk around the places of Hawaii alone at night
  • Keep your valuable belongings with you always to avoid theft.
  • Check out the weather alerts or warnings before you go hiking.
  • Don’t swim alone if you are not proficient enough.
  • Never walk home alone, drunk or intoxicated if you are a female traveler. 
  • Dial 911 for any kind of emergency or assistance. 

Final Thoughts 

Hawaii is truly a perfect vacation spot for couples and families. Romantic settings are always in check for honeymooners, and there is always something to do for each family member.

Whatever your budget, this vacation spot has the appropriate resorts or vacation homes for you. World-class resorts and hotels and affordable and budgeted cottages are scattered all over the island.

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