Curacao Island Travel Guide – All You Need to Know

Curacao Island Travel Guide

The Caribbean Islands boast a lot of territories that people can visit and explore for their vacation. One of these incredible islands is called Curacao Island. Despite its quaintness, this island boasts a rich culture and a breathtaking view.

Is it your dream to unwind by the beach with nothing but the sun, the sand, and the waves relaxing you? Or are you in for an adventure where you can mingle with the locals and explore their culture?

Are you also interested in soul-searching while visiting key places in the territory? If you’re game to explore all these things, then you can do all of these on Curacao Island.

Once you are on Curacao Island, opportunities to have a great time will open up before you. Whatever your interests are, you can find them on the island.


Curacao Island is located within the kingdom of the Netherlands. The people of this island widely use English, but Dutch is their official language. Most locals use the Papiamento language, which is Portuguese-based Creole.

Since this island is located close to Venezuela, they have a Latin American influence in salsa, merengue, and bachata, which are usually played at bars on the island. The culture of this island is intimately rooted in African traditions.

The enslaved Africans brought their practices to this island. We can notice their cultural influence in Tumba music, Tampu, some foods, and local dialect. 

Why Should you Visit Curacao Island? 

Why Should you Visit Curacao Island

Located outside the hurricane belt, Curacao Island is sunny and warm, making it a perfect getaway for all travelers. You will get many things to do there. The people of this island are so kind and helpful to the visitors. It is a bet that you can’t get over the splendid beaches with incredible diving and snorkeling. 

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The island is known for its coral reefs, which many people explore through scuba diving. If you want to have an underwater adventure, this is the best place. Curacao Island offers you her best if you want to marvel at the beauty of the sea.

If you’re going to enjoy the view of the beach, you may also do so. Or, if you’re interested in mingling with the locals and exploring the best places to eat, you will have things to try on Curacao Island. 

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Things to Do 

1. Snorkeling and Swimming 

You will get an opportunity to snorkel and swim at Curacao’s beautiful beaches once you get in there. There you will be able to see beautiful caves and spectacular north shore views at Shete Boca National Park too. 

2. Enjoying Sunset

You can sail to enjoy the day’s sunset and close up your day plan amazingly. Seeing stunning Curacao’s coastline views and splendid sunset abroad, a luxurious and spacious catamaran is a fantastic way to end the day. 

3. Encountering Dolphins 

Take the chance to learn and encounter more about Bottlenose Dolphins. Nothing to be afraid of in this activity because the trainers will give you brief directions and explanations about everything you need to do.

Depending on the Dolphin’s physical characteristics, behavior, and other fun facts, you will enjoy fun activities like getting a dolphin kiss or swimming with it.

4. Relaxing on the Beaches

Curacao’s beaches are often crowded because the soft sands and shallow, crystal-clear water add spice to the visitors’ moods. However, the comparatively less crowded beach of Daaiboo, the busiest beach Blauwbaai, and the craziest beach for parties, Mambo Beach, is worth exploring. Mambo Beach authority offers live music and DJs to light up the Sunday night parties on the beach.

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5. Enjoying Curacao Carnival 

At the beginning of January, Curacao Carnival is arranged on the island, and the whole island is transformed into a colorful celebration. The carnival includes public parties, street parades, friendly competition, and many other functions till the end of March. Finally, the carnival is wrapped up with the burning of King Momo at midnight. 

6. Seeing the Queen Emma Bridge 

The Queen Emma Bridge was built in 1888, connecting the Punda and Otrobanda neighborhoods. This bridge has a unique structure with two propellers. It will be fun to spend time on the moving bridge that swings. 

7. Shopping 

There are plenty of local shops in Mambo Beach and Willemstad. These shops are great places to buy various items like jewelry, clothing, bohemian home decor, handicrafts, swimwear, etc. 

Best Time to Visit Curacao Island

Curacao Island offers comfortable tropical weather all year round. This place is located outside of the hurricane belt. The occasional downpours occur between October and December. You should avoid visiting this island during the hottest months of August and September when the temperature reaches 90 degrees. 

October to December is the high season to visit Curacao Island when the hotel and car rental prices are typically higher than in other months. February is the right time to enjoy the party during the Carnival celebrations. 

How to Stay Safe on Curacao Island

It is a great relief for the tourists that Curacao Island is a safe haven to visit with minimal criminal activities. Therefore, both men and women may roam around the different spots of this island very safely. However, maintaining the highest precautions is needed when you are in an unknown destination. Here are some ways to avoid problems-

  • Don’t leave your necessary stuff on the beaches or other spots to avoid theft. 
  • Never walk alone intoxicated.
  • Stay away from some areas alone at night, especially the back streets of Punda.
  • Keep your documents wherever you go, including your national ID and passport. 
  • Purchase good travel insurance to protect yourself against injuries, illness, theft, or cancellation. 
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Everyone deserves to have an adventure in a faraway place. Especially to those who have been working hard throughout the year deserve to sit back, relax and enjoy what nature offers them.

They also deserve to get away from all the stress of city life. If you want an escape, choose Curacao Island. The vibrancy of this island is reflected in its language and culture. You won’t regret being on the small but wonderful island. It will surely be one of your favorite islands in the Caribbean after visiting it.

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