British Virgin Island Travel Guide: Important Things You Need to Know

British Virgin Island

Are you looking for the perfect getaway for you and your loved ones? If you’re looking for the ideal place to spend your vacation, you should go to the British Virgin Islands. This British overseas territory is located in the Caribbean east of Puerto Rico. The British Virgin Islands offer a vacation that will make you exclaim; This is life!

Consisting of main islands like Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Aneganda, and Jost Van Dyke plus fifty other islands and cays, the British Virgin Islands offer a new culture and experience for you and your companion to explore.

Despite the territory’s simplicity, this is one of the Caribbean Islands with a vast culture and history that visitors can enjoy. Read out the important things you need to know in this British Virgin Island Travel Guide.

Why Should You Visit British Virgin Island?

Why Should You Visit British Virgin Island

What do you want to do when you visit the British Virgin Islands? Do you like to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the people in Tortola? Or do you want to lay on an island like Virgin Gorda where you can sit back, relax, eat out and enjoy the waters?

Whatever you want to do, the British Virgin Islands have the perfect place for you. So whether you choose to visit The Baths in Virgin Gorda with its breathtaking underwater view or sunbathe in the White Bay at Jost Van Dyke, the British Virgin Islands offer a vacation that you will most certainly remember.

Things to Do on the British Virgin Island

We can’t describe the beauty of the British Virgin Islands, where you find white-sand beaches, snorkeling and diving opportunities, hiking spots, boating services, scenic beauty, and crystal-clear turquoise water that are enough to make your trip memorable for a lifetime. There are plenty of things you can do to pass your trip there. 

1. Sailing around the Islands

To make your trip meaningful, you must sail around the islands to see many remote islands. In addition, you need to find some hidden snorkeling spots. Sailing would be a great activity if you go there in a group and rent a boat.  

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2. Enjoying the Baths

The baths are a beach area on Virgin Gorda. It will be a great time to enjoy the baths in a group or with family. 

3. Visiting Anegada

Anegada is famous for offering a relaxing pastime. It is well-known for its lobster. Each of its restaurants offers unique dishes to the visitors. You can stay for the Lobster Festival if you visit there in November. 

4. Seeing the Empty Salt Island

You can have a great time wandering the salt ponds on this deserted island. But, unfortunately, there are no ferries available on this island. So, you should bring your boat there. 

5. Snorkeling and Diving around the RMS Rhone

RMS Rhone was a mail ship that crashed in a reef, but now it has become a house of many unique fish and coral. This is one of the most demanding sites for diving and snorkeling.

6. Exploring the Beef Island

This is a small island connected to the main island of Tortola. People used this island once as an area for smoking meat. If you go there, you can enjoy white powdery surfing waves. 

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How to Save Money on a Trip to the British Virgin Islands?

How to Save Money on a Trip to the British Virgin Islands

Many people step back from planning a trip to the British Virgin Islands even though this place is their dream destination. The reason is that visiting the site is expensive.

However, there are some ways to save some money on the trip to this place, as follows:

1. Renting a Car

There are many spots to explore in the British Virgin Islands. So, it is better to rent a car for a day at a cheap rate. However, some people need to correct their mistakes by hiring taxis which cost more than cars.

Additionally, you will need help finding taxis to every spot you want to visit. On the contrary, hiring a car is easy and flexible, but you need to remember that you can enjoy the cost-effectiveness of the trip when the budget is split among friends. 

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2. Check out the Cheaper Package Deals and Discounts

Check out some websites before visiting any place that will help you give ideas about different package deals and discounts of a particular place. For example, seeing the British Virgin Islands costs high, you can save a considerable amount on some offers available on some websites.

Moreover, if you choose to visit there during the off-season, you may get discount cards and coupons, so shopping from retail stores and grocery stores would be fun.  

3. Buying a Snorkel Gear

To get snorkel rentals, you need to count around $7-$10 per day. This equipment will help you save some amount on the British Virgin Islands. 

4. Staying with Locals

It is possible to save some money if you find Couchsurfing hosts in the British Virgin Islands. Some hosts will offer you a cheap rate on their boats, and you can make your schedule, preferably. 


Q: What are the best months to visit the British Virgin Islands?

The best months to go to the British Virgin Islands are from September to November when the crowd is significantly less than in the winter months. During these months, you will also find cheaper hotel rates.

However, the divers should go for winter or spring seasons. Therefore, the sailors are recommended to visit the British Virgin Islands in March. 

Q: How can I avoid scams in the British Virgin Islands?

It is good news that crime and scams are rare in the British Virgin Islands. Therefore, females can visitors find this place as a safe and convenient destination. However, you should maintain some precautions to ensure safety on the most significant scale. For example, keep your valuable stuff in the bar or swimming spot to avoid swiping them or losing them. 

You can dial 999 and ask for assistance if you feel any emergency. Keep personal documents like a passport and ID wherever you go. You can get good dealings from some travel insurance that will assist you in illness, injury, mischief, etc.  

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Q: What about the locals of the British Virgin Islands?

Along with the scenic beauty and many entertainment opportunities, one more thing that attracts visitors to the British Virgin Islands is their local residence and the local people’s behavior.

The local people of the place are accommodating and friendly. You will get help from them anytime, anywhere you need it. Their cordial behavior will help you to have a relaxing trip. 

Q: What is the average cost of food in the British Virgin Islands?

Seafood and fungi are popular foods in the British Virgin Islands. The food there will be quite expensive because a lot of food is imported. You can buy fruits, vegetables, or other meals from roadside stalls for $4-7 USD and fish or chicken plates for $9-15. Steak or seafood costs much more at $18-25 USD. You will have to pay around $6-9 USD to have a beer. 

Bottom Line

When life pulls you back to dive again into the stress, busyness, and tiring days, find some time to visit the British Virgin Islands that will keep you fresh for many days. The rich culture, festivals, natural scenic beauty, hiking trails, and hidden tide pools are enough to enchant you on your trip. 

After all, you have worked hard for almost the entire year! You deserve a break where work and the rest of your world’s problems will not chase you. On this island, all your cares and worries will disappear. With a bright culture and great weather, you can just sit back and enjoy what life offers.

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