Which Island to Visit in Philippines?

Philippines is considered as an archipelago, which is composed of about 7,107 islands. The country is showered with plentiful of natural resources taking into account that it has a tropical climate conducive for growing of plants and other biological reserves. Apparently, the country seizes one of the freshest air, on a global scale. It goes without saying that Philippines is unanimously regarded as a megadiverse country. In addition, the nation is blessed with quite a lot of natural wonders and sceneries like no other. On top of that, the country hosts a number of recreation and leisure activities more than enough to induce a different kind of fun and excitement to tourists, guests and/or visitors from all walks of life. With all these and more, any individual would surely have 7,107 reasons and more to choose and prioritize Philippines as a travel destination.

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Its People

The Philippines is very well known to be a hospitable country. Its inhabitants, the Filipinos, are always viewed as being polite, kind, cheerful, respectful, honest and a host of other unparalleled traits. Moreover, Filipinas are looked upon and generally considered to be beautiful and charming beyond words, a world class exquisiteness indeed. These are just some of the vital ingredients that persuade a lot of tourists and guests to venture in the Philippines.

People in Philippines

People in Philippines

The Distinctiveness and Magnificence of the Different Islands

Among the countless spots there are to visit, any tourist would surely find it hard to decide which island to visit in Philippines?. That is essentially true considering that the country nestles an insane number of equally enticing places and/or settings which are all packed with mouth watering activities. Needless to mention, they are all worth visiting, and why not? Nevertheless, the islands are all unique and offer different kinds of tastes for anyone and so, to steer clear of confusion, the different major attractions and/or islands are dissected below to aid you as you decide on what place to choose or visit.

Philippines Islands

Philippines Islands

Baguio city

As previously mentioned, Philippines is a tropical country but nonetheless, should anyone wishes to stay in a chilly place, then Baguio city is the best place for you. The city is situated at an altitude of 5,280 ft or roughly around 1,610 metres above sea level with a temperature of about 6 to 23 degrees Celsius. Baguio city is a highly urbanized area where business and commerce are flourishing. In addition to that, Baguio is recognized as the Summer Capital of the Philippines considering that it attracts so many guests and/or tourists during the season and even on any time of the year. Certainly, its climate is the primary reason why families, group of friends, tourists and couples keep on streaming back to the place. Not only that, Baguio houses several attractions to complement the good climate such as the following:

  • Burnham Park
    Burnham Park

    Burnham Park

    A park named after the famous American architect Daniel Burnham. The park contains a constructed lake where tourists and/or guests could go on sailing. Moreover, the park boasts off its mesmerizing gardens filled with flowers and unique plants supplemented with different animals. Indeed, it is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy.

  • Botanical Garden
    Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden

    The city maintains a botanical garden that envelops different kinds of flowers and plants, most of which are rare and can only be seen in Baguio.

  • Mines View Park
    Mines View Park

    Mines View Park

    Should anyone desires to have a decent look of the whole city, then Mines View Park enables you to capture a good look over the magnificent city.

Actually, there are so much more in Baguio than anyone could ever imagine, to include the Mansion (the summer residence of the President of the Philippines), Diplomat, the historic Philippine Military Academy and a lot more. Now contrary to fears that the city might not be able to accommodate all of its thousands of guests and/or visitors, Baguio is proud to introduce 80 hotels and inns with state-of-the-art facilities. Some of the city’s hotels include Manor Hotel, Forest Lodge etc.

Baguio RIce Terrace

Baguio RIce Terrace

Baguio city also holds festival just like any other city in the Philippines, that is the Panagbenga Festival. It is during this celebration where tourists and local inhabitants flock to the city to witness such one of a kind event. All of these and more warrant Baguio several international awards and recognition such as TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Destinations Awards, and among the top 25 destinations in Asia.

Baguio City

Baguio City


A small island sited on the south of Manila. Basically, Boracay needs no further description and even introduction for being considered and known as one of the best island beaches in the world, if not the finest. In fact, it garnered several global distinctions and had ranked at the top on most travel publication and sites’ list of beaches and/or resorts. Its white sand beach complemented with a wide assortment of leisure activities made it on top of the world as the best destination to relax and enjoy. To top that, Boracay offers the most exhilarating night life across borders, without a doubt, that is to say, it has more than a few bars and restaurants such as the Bamboo Beach Resort, Bar and Restaurant and hundreds more, where tourists and/or guests may get wet and wild in a lifetime.



Considering and recognizing the vast number of tourists and guests coming from all corners of the world, Boracay houses countless number of world class hotels and inns, which are all designed to suit and meet the needs of different individuals. Some of the most notable resorts/hotels include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa
  • Paradise Garden Resort Hotel
  • Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa
  • Jony’S Beach Resort
  • Turtle Inn Resort Boracay
  • Red Coconut Beach Resort
  • La Carmella

The prices of the resorts and hotels are all reasonable considering the kind of relaxation and services they offer to its customers and guests. On the other hand, Boracay is of course not without leisure activities and the like. In fact, it brings in exceptional and daring activities to the delight of the guests such as:

  • Helmet Diving/ Reef Walking
  • Cliff Diving
  • Kiteboarding
  • Scuba Diving
  • Windsurfing
  • Parasailing
  • Flying Fish

Actually, there are so much more to expect in Boracay other than those enumerated above. Nevertheless, to sum it up there are more than 400 beach resorts and hotels in Boracay boasting more than 3,000 quality rooms that range from luxurious (five-star accommodations) to economical ones complemented with fine restaurants, bars, pools, nightclubs, pubs and other facilities. Anybody would surely have an ecstatic experience while staying in a legitimate paradise.

Boracay Beach

Boracay Beach

Boracay can be reached with a 15 minute airplane from the NAIA airport in Manila. However, you may also opt to ride a 5 hour bus travel from Ilo-ilo to Caticlan (Boracay).


An island province of the Philippines that is likewise recognized globally for its natural wonders and abundance of natural resources such as oil and gas. It is the premiere destination in the Philippines taking into account that it envelops one of the 7 wonders of the world. Yes, Palawan more specifically Puerto Princesa prides itself with the captivating and hypnotizing underground river that cannot be found in any section of the globe. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is protected primarily since it shelters wildlife, endangered species, growth forest, white sand beaches and unrivaled caves of the world. Moreover, the park obtains much significance on a global scale being recognized as a World Heritage Site, a Ramsar Site, a Bird area and a Biosphere reserve.

Palawan Island

Palawan Island

Palawan also showcases other attractions to include Coron Reefs of Coron Bay, Busuanga. It boasts off seven lakes hovered by magnificent rocky limestone cliffs and these natural transformations are unique and can only be found in Coron. Further, it is the perfect spot to scuba dive considering that 12 World War II shipwrecks are nestled at the bottom of the lake. With this, Coron Island has been listed in Forbes Traveler Magazine’s top 10 scuba spots and/or sites of the world. On the other hand, Palawan is also proud with its Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, a refuge of exotic African animals and endangered as well as endemic animals. It goes without saying that any tourist and guest would be enthralled with witnessing different kinds of animals.

Palawan has more than one hundred hotels and inns in which tourists, visitors and guests could get to choose from. Some of the notable accommodations and lodgings include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Ipil Suites Hotel El Nido
  • Corto del Mar Hotel
  • Balay Inato Pension
  • Sunlight Guest Hotel
  • Deep Forest Garden Inn
  • Blue Lagoon Inn & Suites
  • Capari Resort
  • Apulit Island Resort

Davao City

It is regarded as one of the most livable cities in the Philippines. In addition to that, Davao boasts off lots of different tourist destinations such as malls, resorts, leisure activities and the like. Davao paves the way and leads guests and tourists towards the beautiful Island Garden City of Samal. The island envelops a number of resorts and white sand beaches such as Pearl Farm beach Resort, Paradise Island, Isla Reta and a lot more that would guarantee a superb excitement and ultimate relaxation for anyone.

Davao Aerial View

Davao Aerial View

Davao also has several malls where tourists and guests could enjoy shopping at its finest. What’s more interesting is that the malls offer reasonable and at times very economical product prices to endow shoppers a worthwhile shopping experience. Some of the popular malls include SM, Abreeza, Gaisano, NCCC etc which are all strategically located in accessible areas.

Davao Beach

Davao Beach

Davao also holds pride for its Durian fruit that has enthralled thousands of consumers not only in the city or the country as a whole, but the whole wide world. As a matter of fact, the fruit is highly in demand being used as an ingredient to different consumable products and the like. Further, Davao also holds festival annually, more popularly known as the Kadayawan festival. The celebration draws hundreds of thousands of spectators coming in from different parts of the globe. Moreover, tourists and guests keep on tracking in Davao to take on the challenge of climbing the highest mountain in the country, which is the Mount Apo. The potentially-active stratovolcano actually nestles between Davao City and Davao del Sur, and the peak of which at about 9,692 ft or 2,954 metres, overlooks Davao City and Davao del Sur. The mountain is the dwelling place of about 270 species of birds including the largest eagles of the entire world in addition to other wild animals that thrive in it. Now, for those tourists and guests that want a daring and unique excitement, then climbing Mount Apo is the ideal challenge for you.


Should you want a tranquil place to relax and enjoy, then Bohol is one of those places you definitely don’t want to miss. The province of Bohol is likewise a known tourist destination for its splendid resorts and beaches. Not only that, Bohol has been recognized and known for its countless Chocolate Hills, which are limestone formations. These natural wonders (Chocolate Hills) can only be found in Bohol, and Because of these Chocolate Hills, Bohol has been regarded as the Jewel of the Philippines.

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills

Bohol is also conducive to obtain utmost comfort and relaxation for the place is relatively quiet and peaceful, which is why it is chosen as one of the places to hold on huge events such as world triathlon series and other global activities.

Actually, there’s so much more to explore in the Philippines than anyone could probably think of. In addition to those attractions stated above, the Philippines prides itself with Banaue Rice Terraces (considered to be one of the 7 wonders of the world before), Hundred Islands, Tubbataha Reef, Pagsanjan Falls, Mayon Volcano, Manila Ocean Park and a lot more to mention. Now, what island to go to in Philippines?

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park

What makes Philippines an outstanding tourist destination compared to the rest is that apart from its natural and man-made wonders and structures, respectively, the Philippines is blessed with exceptional individuals and/or inhabitants with positive attitude and the like, to go along with a progressive economy despite diverse cultures. Apparently, it doesn’t make sense if you find it hard to decide on what island to go to in Philippines, since every place in it deserves a visit. There is no doubt that Philippines has not yet reached its full potential, yet it is viewed as one of the bests, nevertheless. With all these and more, the nation clearly builds a strong case that there is indeed “More Fun in the Philippines”!



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  • Ely

    Beauty! I love to travel, but on this island have not heard. I want to go there, nature is fabulous!

  • Serge

    Philippines is a great place!
    We spent honeymoon in Boracay, and it was fantastic!
    Thanks for the reminer of those days.

  • Nameless

    I too love sea! Is the island good for the relaxation on the beach?

    • Pirana

      4km sand beach in Boracay is an ideal place to relax during the day and have a good night life, but if you want to enjoy something more peaceful, try Palawan

    • Elizabeth

      This year I spent 5 months in Philippines, I have been in 8 islands, traveled to such small towns like Sagada and such big like Cebu, Manila, Baguio. In the end of my trip I came to Boracay and it was the worse experience in Philippines. So many tourists, phillipino people are too importunate there.

      The best island for me was small one – Malapascua. It situated near Cebu city. And this island is much better than Boracay. It has no so many tourists, local people are much kinder there, prices are not so high. And it has same blue water and white sand beach.

      If you want to come there – you have to take a bus from Cebu city, South Terminal, to Maya.

      When you ll be in Maya – you ll see the boats. Public boats cost around 80 peso.

  • Maria

    Thanks for this article. I didn’t know much about Philippines, but now… Perhaps I know almost all about this country thanks to the autor of this article.

  • Ronald

    Oh, it is just Neverland, place from fairy tale! It was the best 10 days from whole my life! Like Arny in the “Terminator” says, I’ll be back ;-), I’m sure.

  • Gabinet

    After reading this I have become an addicted of Phillipines! Just writing you to tell my respect to the person who created this amazing article!

  • Vlado

    Barracks in Baguio City remind “las villas argentinas”. ) ) ) Interestingly, on Philippines still speak Spanish?

    • Ronald

      No, they don’t. Philippines has own language – Tagalic. But almost everybody from staff of hotel understand English.

  • My manic

    Inspiration article. Asian-pacific region, especially islands, are very popular destination for a lot of travelers. One friend of mine now have a very long trip to Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. He said that the local people doesn’t like travelers from Australia because they are dominate of all others. And they have special attitude to «white» people – always ask to make a picture or just touch… ) But he always say: “it’s amazing region, really good people, strange traditions, especially all religion staff.”

  • Dauren

    Interesting article, but I would like to receive more information about the weather, in what season it is better to go for a vacation, whether there is “rainy season” in the Philippines ?

    • Ronald

      Dauren, “rainy season” in the Philippines starts from May and will be finished at November. But rain is not huge, and for me it was not a problem for my vacation.

  • Marianna

    It’s a magic place. Now I know where I will spend the next holidays. Thank you for such informative article.

  • Nata_Z

    I always wanted to visit Philippines but I can’t choose the right island. Thank you for this post because I have already made my choice. I’m going to visit the Bohol island. Can you tell me something about their hotels or where do people live there?

    • Liu Rado

      There are many resorts and hotels in Bohol. For example, Bohol Beach Club, Bohol Plaza and Cocowhite-Beach Resort. You can choose hotel according to your personal desires and financial opportunities.

  • Len_My

    I think that any island on the Philippine archipelago is an exotic. And the photo with a sailing vessel reminds Baunti’s advertizing

  • Jakob Martens

    It´s definetely one of the most beautiful places in Asia. Where, by the way, you can both just relax and spend an unforgettable active vacation.

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    Reading this article will be useful for everyone. If you are a tourist it is a good advice for visiting this places, if you aren’t a tourist this information also will not leave you indifferent.
    Description of all the places are so impressive that they seemed to appear before us. A good article for good people! Enjoy your life and remember that visits to such places by not only lift your spirits, but will also be beneficial to your health.Visit these places and you will find a lot of impressions. I think that after reading such an article is just not possible not to admire the beauty of nature, and how do you think?

    • Ann_Shy

      Of course,Andriy,Philippines is really wonderful place, nature can take your breathe away! I think everybody who have ever seen it with own eyes, knows what I am talking about:)

      • Andrew

        Anya,no doubt you’re right, no one should underestimate the beauty that will not leave anyone indifferent. But in addition to the Philippines, there are many other charming places. I think it’s important not to waste their time, and enjoy the unique opportunity to admire the beauty of our planet.

  • Vera

    I wonder if people are really good in a place full of tourists. Countries off mass touristic interest show that native population has spesial relation to foreigners as to a source of money. Are the filipinos differend or same?

    • Ronald

      I think that in the anyone touristic place there are lot of such people.
      But it is not a big problem in the Philippines, you just say “Police!”
      and they all will disappear immediately )

    • Daniel

      First of all there are two types of people good and bad every country has its own crazy people. If you are a tourist in any country my sugestion for you is to visit the places that are mostly visited like the capitol city of Philipines Manila or other places like Bohol importaint is to be in group of other tourists.
      Second it is better if you go anywhere with someone your boyfriend husband ,Mom Dad or something like that . If you want to visit alone its better to find someone in Philipines to pay him or her so he could help you to show the country and its famous places.
      As i know philipines are diffrent in nature they are the hardworking people.And very kind ,saying this cuz i had some friends from Philipines.Tell you the truth these are the people whom you would want to have friendship.
      Becare full with your trips
      take care
      From Daniel

  • Irin_K

    7107 reasons to choose the Philippines?
    I think there’s another reason ))
    Quiet relaxing holiday in a Paradise planet – what could be better?

    • Ronald

      It is not necessary quiet holiday, there are lot of night clubs and party places for young people in the Philippines )

  • Alex Stullwenberg

    Such a grate place! I love Asia, but newer been on Philippinian Islands, how about people there? Are they friendly to tourists?

    • Vicktoria

      Here are some facts about some Filipinos. Did you know that the 3rd‘s largest English-speaking nation is the Philippines? Filipinos are – people are cheerful, smiling and friendly, they have large families counting the many relatives. Among the relatives mutual aid and mutual accountability. But in any case the Philippines should take all precautionary measures. How aware the crime rate is high enough. In the cities of common cases of pickpocketing. Do not fall for doubtful great deals and beware of casual dating. You should not carry large sums of money and wear expensive jewelry.

      • Ronald

        Yes, but now they officially have own state language, and a lot of people in provinces hardly understand English. So I can’t say that everybody from Filipinos are English-speaking.

  • Anthony

    You know, many tourists prefer Boracay island with its beaches and night life, but I found Bohol island best of all for me and my family. I just looking for sweet silent place to take a rest and enjoy the nature. My highly recommendation is travel to Bohol.

  • Yuli_La

    As for me I have been to Balut Island recentely, this island is situated on the extreme south of Filippines and I can tell you that I’ve founded a lot of peace there ’cause there are almost nobody who travel there, almost no tourists. I advice you to google this name to see some pictures and info, I think you’ll like it!
    Oh, last thing, here lot of people talk about Boracay- as for me it is overloaded by tourists and really very expensive!

    Best of luckfor your choise!

  • Nasty_Hard

    I dream to go to Philippines long ago. But I have a small daughter – 2 years. I think flight won’t be a big problem. But it is necessary to choose the island. How do you think what island to choose for rest with the child? That it wasn’t boring.

    • Dauren_Zhu

      I also plan to travel with children,in the travel agency advised Badian Island. The hotel has a nice children’s room, and a great adult entertainment.will not be bored)))

    • Daniel

      My opinion and my advise for you is that you should visit Bohol because of its nature i have heard that the nature in Bohol is one of the best.And the popularity of that islandis very high, the majority of Tourists visit Bohol beacuse of its beautifull beaches waterfalls and the the caves that people like to explore.I am shure that you will like to spend your time there and also it will be a special time for your children in this exotic country like Philipines.There are more islands like Apo island Batanes island and much more, but Bohol is the best one .Dont miss your chance because this is the right choice.

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    Oh my god! Now I know where I wanna spend my honeymoon! What do u think, is it good idea?Is it ok to go to Philippines for 2 weeks with my husband?

    • Ronald

      of course, it is a good idea! There are many islands on the Philippines for romantic vacation, especially for Honeymoon.

  • Guest

    Oh my god! Now I now where i wanna spend my honeymoon!Which island exactly u can reccomend for honeymoon? and is it really good idea?

  • Sophia Hetcher

    Oh my god! Now I now where i wanna spend my honeymoon!Which island exactly u can reccomend for honeymoon? I’d like to spend honeymoon this way: me, my husband, ocean and beach. Is it a good idea to chose Philippines?

  • Kate Mann

    As for me, I would like to visit Palawan. I think it is the best place to relax and feel yourself a part of nature.

  • Jakob Martens

    Sophia, I would recommend to El Nido (Palawan), it´s a small island with a gin-clear water and really amazing views. You can also dive there and climb the hills.

  • Mia Winslet

    I want to visit Bohol very much. There are beautiful sights, landscapes. It is the best place in the world, I think.

  • Mary_T

    I was fascinated by the Manila Ocean Park!It’s absolutely fantastic place, I feel yourself a member of the underwater expedition:)

    • Ronald

      Mariya, please be kind to tell some more about working schedule of Ocean Park. Do they have day-off? What price for tickets?

  • Yuuu

    You know that part of territory of Philippines (mainly it touches the north of Lusona) gets in the «area of typhoons» — tropical cyclones. The local name of typhoon is a baguio (bagyo)

  • Mia Winslet

    Among Philippines I wold like to visit Palawan very much. If you want to join nature, you should to go to Palawan.

  • Guest

    Oh my Lord. So brilliant and so pure. Boracay it is really paradise! I hope, that next year i will visit this beautiful place. Who can say,Which time of year will better for visiting?

    • Cristy

      It’s better to visit Boracay from the middle of October till May. I think you’ve made a good choice because Baracay is the first clss tourist destination and its beaches are recognised to be the best in the world.

  • Malaman

    Yeah! I have spent a week on Boracay island. It was my first time when I was visitting Philippines! But next time I chose Palawan and I will never forget it. It is the best place in the world to have a vacation!

  • Stacey

    Hey guys, I really need your help. Planning my trip in December, going to Manila first , to visit my friend who I have met on board of a cruise ship and became a good friend with. But after go to catch up with another friend on Boracay. Do you know is it hard to travel inside of the country and will it be a problem to book tickets right before the day I leave Manila or should I do it now, in advance? Any tips or links to low cost airlines (in English ofcourse). Will appreciate any advice.

  • Mary

    7000 of the Philippine Islands, there is fun for everyone.
    I have been on Luzon and Mindoro. These are the two faces of one country.
    I have got mixed feelings from visiting the Philippine Islands. It is one thing – a big circle of Manila, the giant, gassy, stuffed with the people of the metropolis. It is quite another – quiet beaches tropical island of Mindoro, dotted with palm trees and lapped by crystal-clear water.
    Manila reminded me of native St. Petersburg – the bus, the dirt in the streets, huge traffic jams.
    Charming island of Mindoro for a week “pleased” his guests storm enveloping spray of waves, the wind blowing them and pouring rain; have you ever seen horizontal rain?

  • Lighty

    Hi! I am so tired of my big city routine that am currently considering downshifting for 1 – 2 years just to stop the senseless rat race and to look around. Philippine islands seem to be an ideal destination for this. Would you please kindly advise me on the living costs, long-term visa requirements and other practical issues?

    • Miss_Ann

      If you want to rest in this country then I think it’s one of the best places. Talking about living costs – Phillipines is a newly industrialized country, it’s characterised by fast economical development. Country is open for new investments. Talking about visa, you should visit site of the embassy of Philippines in your country. They should give you full information for receiving it. Though Philippines is characterised by fast economical development, living cost – taxies, renting houses are not too high, so make up your mind and have a great time there!

  • George

    Many of Philippines well talk on angliyski. They are very patient, everywhere strictly observe a turn. Philippines above everything like to eat.