Best Bermuda Beaches to visit in 2023- Top Eco Tourism places

Best Bermuda Beaches to visit in 2020

Bermuda is a British overseas territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is also known offically as the Bermudas or Somers Isles. Most of the beaches in Bermuda are pink and there are various hidden coves.

What are things to do in Bermuda in 2023?

Activities that can be done in this paradise are swimming, scuba diving, shopping, golfing, boating, and even swimming with dolphins. Other places to visit in the islands are historical museums, forts, churches, and crystal caves.There are also fine dining restaurants and fast foods in the area as well as pubs and clubs.

  • Capital: Hamilton
  • Money: The Bermuda dollar (B $, BD $ or BMD), B $, BD $ or BMD = 1 USD
  • Time Zone: GMT -4
Things to do in Bermuda
Things to do in Bermuda

Best Bermuda beaches to visit in 2023

If Bermuda is known for one thing, it is the beaches. The following are some of the best beaches in the area.

  • Horseshoe Bay – The most celebrated beach in the island, it is a pink beach which is loved by many all year round. There is also the Beach House that offers snacks, changing facilities, and rentals.
  • Tobacco Bay Beach – Named after the survivors of the Sea Venture that discovered a large quality of tobacco growing in the beach. Aside from being a popular place for tobacco, there are also a noticeable limestone foundations surrounding the beach. The water of Tobacco beach is home to sergeaent majors and parrotfishes. A shop that offers snack bar and equipment rental is also in the island.
  • West Whale Bay Beach – True to its name, the West Whale Beach is a great place to see humpback whales migrating from their natural habitats to their summer feeding grounds up north. Behind the shore is a spacious grassy area that is a popular place for couples to enjoy a romantic sunset. Shore fishing is also a popular activity in the beach.
  • Jobson’s Cove – A small beach in the Bermuda, Jobson’s Cove is surrounded by steep and jagged rocks that contribute to the beauty of the beach. The shore is filled with pink sand and the water is calm and stunning.
  • Warwick Long Bay – With a long stretch of .8km long of sand and coastal grasses, Warwick Long Bay is the longest shoreline in Bermuda. There aer also jagged coral islands that can be seen on the surface of the water. Facilities in the beach includes public restrooms.
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Best Bermuda beaches 2020

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Best Eco tourism Place to visit in Bermuda 2023

The ecotourism in Bermuda is also undeniable. There are various nature reserves located in the area designed to preserve and protect nature. The following are nature reserves located in the islands.

Blue Hole Park

Explore the Tom Moore’s Jungle to see a dense flora and fauna. There is also a small natural pond and some caves.

Gladys Morell Nature Reserve

Located in the rising hill of Mangrove bay village, this nature reserve is hidden from the eyes of many. There are various types of endemic trees that include cedar and olivewood bark. This is also the nesting home for Bluebirds.

Paget Marsh and Boardwalk

A lush nature reserve developed by the Bermuda National Trust and Bermuda Audubon Society, measuring 25 acres. Populating the area are cedar and palmetto trees, along with mangroves, pond and grassland forest. There is also a pond and marsh on the island that is home to a vast species of wildlife.

Best Bermuda Eco tourism places
Best Bermuda Eco tourism places

Gilbert Morrell Nature Reserve

Located in the main road of Somerset village, the Gilbert Nature Reserve and Springfield is a five-acre woodlands with Railway trails connecting pathways. A good spot for birdwatching, this nature reserve is adjacent to architectural treasures.

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

A world-reknowned non-profit group that was established to improve humanity’s understanding of marine ecosystems, this group have decided to build their base in the island. Every 10 in the morning, the staff of the institute offer free tours for the guests, leading them into the grounds and laboratories of the facility, as well as the institute’s history, updates, and on-going projects.

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I hope you enjoy reading on best Bermuda Beaches and Eco tourism places.

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