Best 9 Surfing Places to visit in Australia in 2023

Best surfing places in Australia 2020

For surfers, the best spot to surf is where the wind, swell, tides and seafloor meet. Wind creates the quality of waves as its force and interaction with the tide and the ocean floor create a nice wave condition. Surfers have travelled all over the world to look for the best waves and they found Australia as the best surfing destination. Here you can check best 9 Surfing Places to visit in Australia in 2023.

Why Australia is best surfing destination?

Australia is known as a world class surfing destination because its 37,000- kilometers coastline is blessed with fine looking beaches, reefs and point breaks that challenge the professional surfers all over the world. For the neophyte who wants to simply play with the waves, there are several swells they can paddle safely. A rundown of Australia’s most popular surfing destination will keep you wanting to visit the place.

1. Gold Coast

Gold Coast found in Queensland is considered to be the surfer’s paradise because it is consists of beaches that stretch up to 70km with four point breaks that includes the most popular break called “Superbank”, the world’s most popular break. It will give you an experience of a lifetime because it produces tubes and solid walls giving surfer a riding experience of a lifetime.

Gold Coast

Gold coast is a favourite place for surfers for quite some time now because of its wave quality and the vast area that can accommodate all surfers who want to visit the place. Surfers will get to enjoy its point breaks especially during summer and autumn season. The Great Barrier Reef is located on the Northern part. Gold Coast is one of the top surf destinations that you must see to make surfing in Australia an unforgettable experience.

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2. The North Coast Angourie to Byron Bay stretch, New South Wales

This surfing destination became a by-world in the late 1960s when surfing becomes a popular sport in Australia. If the surfer simply wants to commune with the waves, this is the perfect place to be. Angourie, one of its point breaks remains undiscovered during the early 70’s but now it has become one of the world’s famous breaks. Its Byron Bay coast is popular for gatherings, communal drumming that allows you to enjoy and be one with nature.

The North Coast Angourie to Byron Bay stretch, New South Wales
The North Coast Angourie to Byron Bay stretch, New South Wales

3. The Noosa Point Break at Queensland

It is one of the best and most pictured long board breaks in the world. It produces a 200 meter ride on best days. You can find locals here riding and planking the waves. When waves are smaller, beginners enjoy a long and easy ride.

The Noosa Point Break at Queensland
The Noosa Point Break at Queensland

4. Snapper Rocks, Queensland

It boasts of its sand bottom point break that is considered to be the world’s renowned surfing spot in Australia. It is found at the Rainbow Bay, where the world famous Super Bank (known as world’s longest, most consistent and most hollow wave in the world) is found.

Snapper Rocks, Queensland
Snapper Rocks, Queensland

The swell here often reaches 6 to 8 meters tall. A good and clean wave can bring you to a distance of almost two kilometers. Snapper Rocks is also the home of international surfing events and a favorite surfing spot of world champions.

5. The Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms Surfing, New South Wales

They are known for producing impressive and extraordinary waves. The place is blessed with waves that make you feel you want to put it in a post card and sent to your loved ones. Dolphins are a regular visitor of this place who loves to show the tourists and locals alike how surfing is done.

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The Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms Surfing, New South Wales
The Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms Surfing, New South Wales

This part of Australia has remained undeveloped making it the perfect place to enjoy surfing without the glitz and noise of a night club or a casino.

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6. Sydney

Australia’s northern peninsula offers lots of surf beaches that remain unmatched. The Manly Beach here has a playful breaks and barrels that make is a joy for big waves riders. The Freshwater beach is often visited by body surfers, old and young alike. Freshwater beach is where the first surfboard riding was introduced.

Sydney surfing
sydney surfing

The widely known Sydney’s blue ribbon surfing belt is located in the of north between Dee Why Beach and North Narrabena; it houses the legendary Long Reef Bombora where the surfing tribes get to  choose their own breaks. The orange sand of Palm Beach offers an adventure and spills for old and young surfers, body boarders and wave ski paddlers.

This part of Australia offers top quality waves.

7. Torquay Bells beach at Victoria

It is the site of the country’s oldest and most prestigious professional surfing event called “Rip Curl Pro” winner of this event get to walk away with  the clanging bell as a  trophy. Its swell slow down and becomes sharp over shallow reefs that produces outstanding waves that rises up to 5 meters.

Torquay Bells beach at Victoria
Torquay Bells beach at Victoria

This coast is open to swells from the Antartic, making it cold especially during the winter months. Bells beach has many secret breaks for the surfer to search. If you want to explore the area, be sure you are accompanied by a local tour guide.

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8. Crescent Head, New South Wales

It has a perfect right hand point break and is good  for long board riders. It is capable of creating a 200 meter ride and is admired by long boarders all over the world. The place has some very good beach breaks and reefs that begin in the Central coast.

Crescent Head, New South Wales
Crescent Head, New South Wales

9. Yallingup and Prevelly Park, Margaret River

It is located 260 km south of Perth, Australia. This small resort village marks the start of the famous Margaret River where board surfers ride with several breaks that ranges from mild to outrageous. It is considered as the best all round surfing destination in Australia’s west coast.

Yallingup and Prevelly Park, Margaret River
Yallingup and Prevelly Park, Margaret River

The Prevelly Park creates swells that rise up to 6 meters with perfect barrels. This is not a place for beginners because it is one of the few places where riders need to wear helmets. The place attracts famous riders from different parts of the US and Hawaii.

So if you are looking for Best Surfing Places in Australia, we can give you several reasons why you should check the place out. Aside from the beautiful beaches, breaks and swells, another reason why surfing in Australia will be a memorable one for you, people here are friendly and will make your stay surely an experience to remember.  

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