Why Should You Visit Aruba Once in a Lifetime 


Already picked the Caribbean Sea as your next vacation spot to go to, but just cannot quite find the right island, out of thousands upon thousands of differently shaped and sized islands, to land on and call home while you disappear off the face of the Earth for a few weeks?

If your problem is as simple as this one, you need not worry anymore, for Aruba Island, one of the many in these Caribbean islands, is one island you would not want to skip over. After you are through with your vacation at Aruba Island, if you still do not want to live here, you will certainly come back here every time you can for the rest of your life.

Why is Aruba Worth Visiting 

Aruba Island is one of the literal thousands of islands of the Caribbean. It is one of the islands transformed into the most widely visited tourist attractions in the Caribbean.

With so many islands and islets the Caribbean Sea has, only a few have been made into these tourist attractions, probably for personal, economic, or environmental reasons. Regardless, Aruba Island is a tourist attraction because it is worthy of being one.

Aruba offers excellent family vacation accommodation for honeymooners, family members, young, old, and friend groups. Everyone finds a great time on this island as the lavish resorts offer plentiful activities and events to the visitors. In addition, the beaches of the resorts have adventurous activities that amuse the tourists. 

Event and Activities 

Events and activities in Aruba

Aruba Island has become quite the busy island among all the Caribbean islands. It has become such a widely visited island that it now hosts several annual events and other great tropical-feeling activities.

Do you think only the Bahamas sports Caribbean culture? The island of Aruba makes any tourist, regardless of race or any other social, cultural, or religious affiliation, feel welcome and at home with the Caribbean people with cultural activities and parties. 

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There are many things to do in Aruba. You won’t feel bored for a single minute there. Apart from exploring the exclusive spots, breathtaking views, and engaging in adventurous activities, the boutique of Aruba attracts tourists every year as there are extensive collections of men’s and women’s wear, beachwear, kid’s clothing, home decor, handcrafts, gift items, and many more. Shopping in Aruba will give you a fantastic experience.  

Best Time to Visit Aruba

You can visit Aruba between April and August when the threat of tropical storms is typically lower than in other months. Besides, prices of accommodation decrease during this off-season.

If you don’t have any budget issues, plan to visit Aruba from January to March when the weather is very travel-friendly. Room rates are high during these months, but you can enjoy excellent weather and less crowded this time. Many resorts also offer exclusive discounts on accommodation and activities in the early fall.

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Things to Do

Things to Do in Aruba

Add that with the already evident tour packages of swimming, diving, snorkeling, water sports, speed-boating, and other water-affiliated activities, and Aruba Island is the perfect getaway. Check out more information about the activities you can perform in Aruba.

1. Exploring Beaches

Most visitors visit Aruba mainly because of the Caribbean’s splendid beaches. Among all the beautiful beaches in Aruba, you must keep Eagle Beach on your list; considered one of the best beaches in the world.

You should also count Palm Beach, which offers exclusive watersports and excellent resorts. Some other beaches, like Baby Beach, Arashi Beach, Boca Keto, etc., can also make your trip more memorable and enjoyable. 

2. Scuba Diving/Snorkelling 

Among the most performed activities in Aruba, Scuba diving and Snorkeling are the most popular. Malmok, Boca Catalina, Arashi, and Mangel Halto are the best spots to enjoy snorkeling, and The Antilla is the best for Scuba Divers.  

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3. Visiting Arikok National Park

If you want to taste the rocky and volcanic coastline, go to Arikok National Park. You can also enjoy hiking in this spot and exploring white, sandy, and secluded beaches. In addition, there are opportunities to swim and snorkel in the pools. 

4. Exploring De Palm Island

Palm Island is a famous Aruba coral island with luxurious restaurants, snorkeling spots, banana boat-riding spots, and a zip line. In addition, Aruba’s all-inclusive destination offers a kid’s waterpark, an underwater helmet walk, body drop slides, beaches, and many more. 

5. Kitesurfing

The windy place, Aruba, is also popular with visitors for kitesurfing. Go to Hadicurari Beach to learn windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons. 

6. Cruising 

Taking a snorkeling cruise around Aruba will be a great option to spend time on that island. Since there are plentiful options for cruising around the island, don’t miss watching the sunset from a Catamaran or enjoy snorkeling once you are there. 

7. Going on a UTV Tour 

Many of you might need to become more familiar with UTV, but Aruba is the place to know and explore more finely with a UTV tour. A UTV is a famous four-wheel drive off-road vehicle of Aruba which is a fantastic way to explore the trails and dirt roads along the east coast of Aruba. 

8. Shopping 

Shopping can be a great activity to spend time in Aruba. Aruba has several good shops and stores, most of which are located in Oranjestad, the capital city of Aruba. You can also visit Renaissance mall to shop from luxury retailers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, etc.  

Tips to Follow to Save Money on a Trip to Aruba

Aruba is a must-go destination for luxury travelers, but you can plan to visit there as there are many money-saving options. Check out some of the tips that will cut your budget. 

  • Check different websites before you plan to go diving, snorkeling, or any other activities. Some websites offer exclusive discounts on the direct bookings of the activities. So, you can enjoy luxury activities within a low budget if you pre-book during the discount period.
  • Finding a good host in a travel destination will help you stay for free there and use the budget for other things. Staying for free in a luxury location cuts one’s budget significantly. So, meet locals and cooperate with them reasonably so they will host you for some days. 
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to save money from your total budget. 
  • Find some time to cook your food. To do that, you should book accommodation with a kitchen and kitchen staff so you can quickly cook your meals every day of your trip. 
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Aruba is a fantastic place to visit for the young, kids, adults, and everyone. However, once you are on the island, you will feel more is needed to explore the island and enjoy the beaches within a few days.

Therefore, you will always want to return to this splendid gateway again and again and invest a perfect amount of time while visiting Aruba. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to stay in Aruba for a few days or longer, and there are lots of things to keep you busy around the island without making you feel bored.

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