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Anguilla is a British overseas territory with lavish resorts, endless sun loungers, and condo sprawls. All islands offer splendid beaches, but once you are in Anguilla, you will believe that the finest and most fabulous beaches are in Anguilla.

To get a pure essence of a small paradise, you must plan to visit Anguilla once in a lifetime. The healthy atmosphere, flawless services of the resorts, exquisite dining, and everything about Anguilla will push you to go there again and again. 

About Anguilla

Located near Puerto Rico, Anguilla is the northernmost island of the Leeward Chain in the Caribbean. It has more than 30 white sand beaches, private resorts, villas, and restaurants by the sea.

The capital of Anguilla is The Valley which measures 17 miles long and 3 miles wide. With a population of 13,000, the official language on this island is English, also because it is a British Overseas Territory.

The country’s primary industry is tourism; for tourists, wearing sunglasses is essential. This is because sunshine is abundant on the island, and no mountains or buildings can protect people from the shining sun.

Unfortunately, there are also very few clouds and low vegetation density. And even if one is already in the middle of the island, it still feels like the sea is nearby. This causes an increase in glare.

Moreover, the island is predominantly made up of coral rocks that bounce out the sun’s rays in all directions. On the other hand, pets are allowed to travel with their owners, provided the required paperwork is submitted. This paperwork includes Import Permit, health certificate, and rabies shots.

Best Places to Stay 

Best Places to Stay in Anguilla
The Path to the Beach

No doubt that Anguilla is a fantastic place to visit, but unfortunately, there are no cruise ships, shopping malls, or high-rise hotels to give you an exclusive and luxurious vibe. This island is only 16 miles long, and the width is three miles.

Therefore, you will find only a few hotels in Anguilla. However, let’s get familiar with some famous hotels and resorts in Anguilla so you can easily decide which one to pick while planning to visit the island.

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1. Cap Juluca

It is a Belmond hotel situated in the southern part of the island with four big restaurants, a five-star spa, a cocktail bar and lounge, and a lavish pool. The architecture of this hotel is super exclusive. It is spread across 180 acres. So if you are looking for a private and secluded place to stay in, Cap Juluca is a perfect beach getaway. 

2. Malliouhana

This is the first luxury resort in Anguilla with a gorgeous past. It is a dreamy hotel with classy and colorful decor that will make you feel relaxed and joyful. In addition, there are some stunning pools in this resort. 

3. Frangipani Beach Resort 

Located on dreamy Mead’s Bay, it is one of the best budget-friendly places to stay in Anguilla. This intimate resort offers 19 rooms and a one-bedroom villa. You will also get water activities, boat tours, sports, a beachfront restaurant, a spa, bike rentals, and many more. This resort’s comfortable rooms and good dining options will give you relaxing moments. 

4. Four Seasons Resort

Four seasons will be a great option to stay, and it doesn’t matter whether you go there with family members, friends, or partners. It is structured in a modern way. Being the largest resort on the island, you will get the best services from the management crew and the authority. This place will offer a wide range of accommodations to visitors. 

Best Ways to Get Around in Anguilla

Aguilla is a small island that has no form of public transportation. So, the only option to get around in Anguilla is to ride cars, bikes, and scooters. Many may attempt to walk a lot to roam around the island, but there are better ways.

You will find taxis there to get around the island, which is the easiest way. It is possible to rent a car for the stay when exploring the spots freely is your preferred option. 

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The cars are seen to be driven on the left side of the road, as Anguilla is a British overseas territory. However, there are some conditions for driving around the island. So, if you like to drive yourself, ensure you know all the terms and conditions beforehand and follow them accordingly. 

The Best Beaches of Anguilla

The Best Beaches of Anguilla

Known to all, Anguilla is primarily famous because of its beaches. However, some of its best white sandy beaches are the Shoal Bay East, a 2-mile stretch of white sand beach. You must visit this beach since it is considered one the best in the world. 

Many people, including foreign sailors, usually visit Sandy Ground beach to enjoy the bars and explore the nightlife scene. You will get chances to rent chairs there, have exclusive lunch, buy rum punches, and many more.

Barnes Bay Beach is somewhat secluded and is mainly populated by exclusive resorts and private villas. Meads Bay Beach is one of the most expansive and visually impressive beaches. You will see the most extended stretches of sand there. 

According to CNN, Rendezvous Bay Beach is also one of the most extensive beaches on the island and is where the world’s number 1 beach bar is located. However, little Bay Beach is the most remote beach in Anguilla and can only be accessed by rope or boat.

This beach is small, remote, and only accessible by boat or by climbing down a rope ladder. Island Harbour is a fishing village home to friendly locals and more. Anguilla is listed in the list of 21 Most Beautiful Islands in the world.

Things to Enjoy in Anguilla

Aside from tourism, the locals of Anguilla live off fishing. The boats of the local fishermen are made of wood, and although small in size, it is equipped with a powerful motor.

Some of the fish that local fishermen get to catch are lobster, crayfish, snapper, grouper, conch, welch, and swordfish. These catches mainly go into restaurants and homes for supply, although local fishermen of Anguilla sometimes sell some to neighboring islands like the U.S. The Virgin Islands and St.Maarten/St.Martin.

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Additional means of living are construction, farming, and service industries. Other industries like woodcarving, dressmaking, and craftsmanship in needlework enable locals to help and earn from the country’s tourism industry.

Best Time to Visit Anguilla

Like the other parts of the Caribbean, Anguilla also has two seasons. The summer months correspond with hurricane season. So, you shouldn’t plan to visit Angulia during November, when most services remain closed due to hurricane season. 

The winter of Anguilla has the least possibility to show rain occurrence as the weather in December has a high of 82° and a low of 78°. The peak travel season of Anguilla is December to April when the temperature ranges from 70° to 85°. The weather is perfect during these months. 

If saving money is one of your concerns while visiting Anguilla, but you want to maintain amazing weather, visit between May and August. However, unique events and functions are happening throughout the year in Anguilla. Therefore, you may stay there anytime you want because Anguilla leaves many reasons for a trip. 


You have already read the best things to know about Anguilla, a dream destination for travel seekers. Anguilla is a collection of the best beaches in the world, making it an ideal place for everyone, regardless of age.

Since you have a great chance to be wrapped up in a fantastic west-Indian culture for some days, why not visit the place once? There are many things to love about Anguilla once you get into the place.

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