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We’ve created this resource for everyone who is passionate about the tropical islands. From time to time anyone dreams to fade away from his or her regular life and living some time on a tropical island.

An island that doesn’t know about the problems of this mad life. An island that has a lot of sandy beaches – enough for everyone. An island that has a lot of fresh tropical fruits – enough for everyone.

GuideTropical is trying to collect useful information about living in different tropical destinations. What do you expect from them? What do you really need? What will you face there?

Find the answers inside your heart and on the GuideTropical blog.

About Valerie Tamayo

Valerie Tamayo

Valerie Tamayo is the creator and editor of GuideTropical.com. She is originally from Miami, Florida, but has spent most of her adult life living in different tropical destinations around the world. Valerie is passionate about the tropics and enjoys her knowledge and experiences with others.