A Helpful Travel Guide on Bali


Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali in Indonesia is a tourist destination blessed by nature with hulls, mountains, coastlines, sandy beaches, barren volcanic hillsides, and lush rice terraces. The island is also world famous for historical and archaeological attractions, as well as scuba diving and surfing waters. 

Culture is also very rich in this part of Indonesia and is a favorite among young backpackers and adventurers. Here is a helpful travel guide on Bali that will help you plan your dream trip wisely. Keep reading to know why this place is worth discovering by you at least once. 

Geography and History 

Geography and History of bali

The island of Bali is divided into various regions South which is the most visited part of the island for Kuta Beach, and chic Seminyak, Central Bali, which is the cultural heart of the island and is the location of the central mountain range West which is where ferries to Java are located as well as the West National Park, North that is famous for black sand beaches and is the old capital city, East which is home to quaint coastal villages and Mount Agung, and the Southeastern Islands of Bali which is widely known among scuba diving enthusiasts.

The Hindu Majapahit colonized Bali and, has remained Hindu ever since despite the subsequent Islamic influence. It was an independent society occupied by both Hindus and Buddhists until the 14th century.

In 1849, the Dutch tried to take control of this area, and they completed their mission in 1909. The Balinese feared losing their homeland as it became a major attraction for many colonizers. 

Best Tourist Destinations in Bali 

Best Tourist Destinations in Bali 

1. Bali Beach

Some of the best tourist destinations in Bali are the West Bali National Park, known for trekking, diving, and bird watching. This is also the only natural protected area on the island. There are also the beaches of Bali that are known worldwide for their beauty.

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Famous beaches include Bukit Peninsula, Jimbaran Bay, Legian Beach, Padang Bai, Menjangan Island, Nusa Lembongan, Kuta, Canggu, Sanur, and more. Water activities that can be done here are scuba diving, white-water rafting, sports fishing, and surfing.

2. Bali Temples 

Additional places to visit are the Hindu and directional temples, but remember that tourists must be appropriately dressed in a sarong and sash when visiting these temples. Again, these could be rented on large temples for a small charge.

Other destinations are the Nusa Penida which is a wild and off-beaten path for adventurous spirits, the Nusa Lembongan, which is a great place to relax and do some diving or swimming, Nusa Dua, which is a golden sand beach and is home to various exclusive resorts.

Mount Agung is the highest mountain of Bali and is the location of the mother temple Besakih, Kintamani home to the active volcano Mount Batur and offers picturesque scenery, Bukit Peninsula is located on the southern tip of Bali known as the ultimate surfing destination and the cliff-hanging Uluwatu Temple, Bedugul that is the location of Ulun Danu Bratan Temple and has a golf course, and the black beaches of Amed known for its great corals and popular diving spots.

Culture and Festivals

Tourists can also learn more about Bali by participating in the festivals. Through this, they can meet more locals and tourists and become more familiar with Indonesian culture.

Records show there are around 20,000 temples all over the island, and each of these holds festivals at least twice a year.

Some of the cultural activities attended by the large population are the funerals wherein the deceased was cremated with colorful rituals and Galungan, which is a ten-day festival that celebrates the death of the tyrant Mayadenawa. The last day of the festival is known as Kuningan.

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Another widely known festival is Nyepi, or Hindu New Year, the day of absolute silence in Bali. This festival happens in March or April; during this time, airports and ferry harbors are closed as well.

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Things to Do in Bali

Aside from knowing more about the culture of Bali, tourists can also try out the island’s hot springs, yoga, Balinese massage, cream bath, golf courses, mountain cycling, paragliding, horse riding, bungee jumping, jungle trekking, hiking in the rice fields, and visiting Zoos. At the same time, some prefer to do volunteer work.

1. Diving

Divers are always welcomed in Bali because the pristine underwater landscape gives immense pleasure and makes people feel like they are out of the world. Liberty Wreck and Nusa Penida are this island’s two most famous diving sites. 

2. Visiting Temples

Find some time to visit some elegant temples of Bali if you stay there. There are around 10,000 temples scattered across the island. However, most visitors like to see Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, and Bekakit, which have attractive temples. 

3. Practising Yoga 

Many of you need to be aware that Ubud is a renowned place for yoga communities. Many devotees travel to this place to practice yoga from the best practitioners and trainers. The instructors try their best to train people within a short period. 

4. Spending Time in Ubud 

Art lovers will enjoy a trip to Ubud, the island’s artistic capital, with various museums offering informal workshops and retail outlets. However, if you are looking for a unique time-spending moment in Bali, consider giving your creative hobby of jewelry-making craft a special realm of art. 

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You can have a mesmerizing way to spend your leisure time here by creating your preferred pair of earrings, pendants, or rings with silver. There are experts to help you in turning a new piece of silver into a polished one. It is great fun to take on the challenge! This unique experience will let you enjoy your time to the fullest. 

5. Witnessing a Cultural Experience with a Fire Dance Show

To enjoy a cultural dance performance and Kecak fire, you must go to Uluwatu Temple. The Balinese dance performances are alluring enough to catch the visitor’s attraction. The dancers perform traditional Hindu dance with a rhythmic chant that depicts a famous battle from Ramayana, a Hindu epic. Their conventional dresses while performing will hypnotize you in every possible way. 

Conclusion for A Helpful Travel Guide on Bali 

Travel to Bali is always more exciting than you can ever expect. It will be a total treat to your eyes and soul to see the breathtakingly beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, catchy shops, charming countryside, luxury resorts, and many more.

You must plan at least once in your lifetime to visit Bali for its lush tropics and beaches. Besides, the locals of Bali are also something to treasure for their unique cultural practices, behavior, and lifestyle. As many activities are offered in Bali, you must maintain going there when you have time, money, and chance.

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