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15 Places to See

Nature has created so many amazing places on the planet. Our lifetime is not enough to see them all. So let’s see some of these wonderful places on the Earth. All of them are really worth to visit. Especially if you are a passionate traveller. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand Santorini (Thera), Greece Maldives Machu Picchu, Peru Bora Bora Socotra, Yemen Buenos Aires Lake (Argentina) / General Carrera Lake (Chile) Bagan, Myanmar The Salt Desert (Salar de Uyuni), Bolivia Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Angkor Wat, Cambodia Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina The Twelve Apostles, Australia Seychelles Tanah Lot, Bali [schema type=”review” url=”” name=”GuideTropical” description=”Your Tropical Islands Guide” rev_name=”15 amazing places to see” rev_body=”Places are really worth to visit.” author=”Montgomery Shepherd” pubdate=”2013-07-20″ user_review=”10″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”10″ ].
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Types of Surfing Waves

Everyone starts out a beginner. The call of the sea and the appeal of surfing waves can attract men and women alike, explaining the immense popularity of surfing as a popular beach activity. Surfing draws both beginners and those who see going along with the flow as part of a lifestyle and a passion that goes beyond casual days out in the sun. The allure of the ocean is understandable. What can be more exhilarating than rushing up to meet a giant wave, in the face of raw energy and pure natural forces, and then defying that energy by riding along with it, for a moment being one with Mother Nature? It can be quite an addictive feeling. When one first plans to hit the sea for the waves, it can be intimidating to conquer the elements at their raw form. Most of what is involved includes some understanding of.
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Surfing in Thailand

Thailand is fast becoming one of the most sought-after surf spots in Asia and in the world. Relatively new to the surfing world, foreign expatriates working in Thailand were first to introduce the recreational activity/sport in Phuket in the late 90’s after discovering that the waves in the area were perfect for surfing. Thai people living in Phuket picked up the interest in surfing thereafter and steadily grew in number over the years. In the recent years, the sport has become quite popular that surf contests are now being held annually where a continuously growing number of surfing enthusiasts flock to and participate in. While Phuket is recognized as the spot for the best and consistent waves for surfing in Thailand, other surf spots in the country are continually being discovered. Places in Eastern Thailand such as Koh Samui, Rayong, and surrounding areas are also known to have good waves.
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