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Es Paradis

Aptly named Es Paradis Club, the place is definitely a paradise on Earth. Yes. There may be many equally mesmerizing hang outs in Ibiza but the experience that this famous tourist hotspot brings is inarguably one of a kind. Perhaps one of the most appealing things about Es Paradis Club is its location. Located right inside a building that is in the shape of a massive pyramid, the looks of the club add more allure to its overall mystique. The beginnings of this now hugely popular hangout can be traced back in the mid-90s. 1975 marked the humble start of fruitful partnership between Pepe Aguirre and his artist friend named Lluís Güell. After opening the club in August of the same year, the reputation of this cool place quickly spread like fire in the island and eventually beyond the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza’s Free-wheeling Spirit Apart from its massively alluring sceneries.
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Happen to be right in the heart of Ibiza Town and want to party it up? No other club would be better to go to than the Pacha Club. This particular club has quite the history to it, and that is not just because of the mere fact that it is the oldest nightclub in Ibiza. Few words on history The “Pacha” is a franchising group of nightclubs, located in Spain; particularly, at Ibiza. In fact, this particular franchise’s headquarters can be found right at Ibiza. Despite this fact, however, the first nightclub of the Pacha was not erected at Ibiza; it was put up and opened at Sitges, just right outside Barcelona, the capital of Spain (presumably nearly 43 years ago, around the year 1967). This did not stop the Pacha, though, from having their most popular, most well-renowned and world-famous branch right in Ibiza Town. It is, without.
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Cafe del Mar

The cult of chilling out officially started at Cafe del Mar in Ibiza. Famous for its lush sunsets, Sant Antoni de Portmany is where you can find this illustrious club where chill-out music is the official soundtrack. Every year hundreds of tourists visit this iconic hangout to loosen up for a while, watch the sun descend upon the horizon, and of course, listen to the club’s laidback soundscapes. This much-celebrated club is indeed born to serenade the beautiful sunset of Sant Antoni de Portmany. There mere mention of the club’s moniker evoke images of dreamy afternoon spent at the beach with the best chill-out music floating like drunken butterfly in the background. The concept behind Café del Mar was concocted by José Les , Carlos Andrea, and Ramón Guiral. Les was first attracted to the budding nightlife scene of San Antonio when he first arrived on the island in 1978..
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Amnesia Club

Amnesia Club is an internationally renowned party place found in the island of Ibiza in the Meditteranean Sea, off the coast of the City of Valencia, Spain. This world-famous island is known for its summer club scenes that attracts tourists, clubbers and partygoers from all over the globe. One of the most popular nightlife destination in the island is the Amnesia Club located in San Rafael, between the town of Ibiza and Sant Antoni de Portmany. View Larger Map Amnesia History The Planells family were the original owners of the property. The 5th generation family members decided to move into town and sell their house to a widow from an aristocrat heritage. The place then became a meeting place for hippies and counterculturists- those that deviate from the norms of society. Antonio Escohotado then leased the property in 1976 and established a discotheque he wanted to name “The Workshop of.
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Amnesia Club, Ibiza 2006

Amnesia Club review, Ibiza 2006 Old but still excellent. Just listen and feel yourself on the dancefloor. Tracklist: Baron Massilia “Baron Massilia On”; Delicious feat. Tiger Lily “Yours” (Dj Sonic Remix); Elio Riso & Raffunk “To Be Or Not To Be” Vocal Remix Mix (Feat Mary F); Danny Graham feat. Clara Daosta “Freakin”; Elio Riso & Raffunk “Ego VS Ego” (Silver Pixel Remix). What do you feel while listening this magic sound? 🙂 [schema type=”movie” url=”” name=”Amnesia Ibiza 2006 Review” description=”Your Tropical Islands Guide” director=”Amnesia Club” producer=”Amnesia Club” actor_1=”Party Crew :)” ].
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